Gideon International donates Bible to school


For sometime now, this interfaith organisation has been actively distributing bibles to different groupings in the country and schools have not been an exception.

Mr Porice discusses with head teacher Mrs Monthy

“We give bibles to police officers, soldiers, nurses, firemen and place bibles in hospitals and all hotels here,” a representative of the local Gideon member said.

This grouping, which is well known worldwide, came to existence here in 1985 and currently has about 25 active members who are helping to renew and nourish the faith of Christians.

Gideon members originate from active members in different churches who learn about theology before they go out as messengers to spread the good news to people of all walks of life.

This year alone, the local Gideon association has donated bibles at Grand Anse primary school, Mont Fleuri secondary, Anse Royale primary and secondary students.  At primary level only primary five and six students are given pocket bibles while at secondary all students receive one though they are not forced to take one depending on their religious belief.

Gideon International member donates bible to students

“Gideon International covers about 195 countries in the world and it is one of the biggest Christian organisations in the world and its work is financed by its members who come from churches where we frequently give reports to them of our work,” said Gilbert Porice, one of its members.

According to Mr Porice, his organisation has decided to donate bibles to students as it feels the bible offers practical advice to children to help them avoid getting involved with substance abuse and prepare them for the future through its reading and prayers.

“Our work is well appreciated by parents and teachers as we help the students to prepare their life for the future and we receive a lot of demand for assistance and we are happy to work with different partners to help raise morality in our students which in itself benefits our country,” Mr Porice said.