Academy by the Sea displays students’ achievements


The group of students who received certificates after completing level one and two of the programme

Their achievements are being displayed in an exhibition which was officially opened on Saturday at the National Cultural Centre.

The Academy by the Sea programme is fully funded by the Save Our Seas Foundation and forms part of the Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS).

Prior to the opening of the exhibition, students who have completed the level one and level two programmes of the academy received their certificates from MCSS education officer Abi March.
The 16 students have been following the Academy by the Sea programme since last year.

Visitors viewing the exhibition soon after its opening on Saturday.

They recently took part in a one-week expedition on D’Arros Island as part of the level two programme of the academy.

Among the exhibits on display are photos and posters. Viewers can also read and learn more about the academy and the activities done by the students.