‘XTOUCH’ brand: the next big thing?


Mr Adonis poses with some of the Xtouch products on sale

In a country where especially the youths always look forward to sporting the latest brands in order to keep up with technological advances, the above-mentioned brand names have become almost synonymous with the general population. However, there are always the unknown, up-and-coming brands that attempt to rub shoulders with the giants of the industry. In comes the XTOUCH…
Unfamiliar for sure, and some may dismiss it as the more popular ‘copy phones’, but make no mistake, the XTOUCH is the real deal… and it’s on our shores.

Last week, I met a young entrepreneur, Ronny Adonis, at the Providence Industrial Estate, where he has recently been running his new business away from the limelight. Why was I there you may ask? Well, Mr Adonis, who is the chairman of the ‘Adonis Group’ – a family business founded by his brother and himself -- has been running an online shopping portal by the name ‘Shop-it’. He is Seychelles’ only licensed distributor of the XTOUCH products.

Many would see an investment in such a vastly unknown product as a risk, but Mr Adonis told Nation that he was encouraged as he saw XTOUCH as a stable brand that will be around for the long term.
Based in Dubai, the products are, however, made in China. The company has recognised that there is an increasing figure of ‘copy phones’ being made in China and has taken measures to ensure the authenticities of their products are not questioned. This is through an online verification code attached to each product.

Mr Adonis explains: “On every XTOUCH product, a verification code is present and you can use this code online to verify that your item is original.”
Speaking about his business, Mr Adonis said he sees it as a way to provide people today’s modern technology at an affordable price. Comparing the XTOUCH to the more popular brands he said, “in terms of other brands, the technical specifications of the XTOUCH tablets and mobile phones match that of Samsung, Apple and Nokia, although it is lacking in terms of the end product in some way behind them though.”

Using the social media as a prime for advertising his products, Mr Adonis said sales have been going really well and so far the public’s reaction has been very positive. XTOUCH is not the only brand on sale by Mr Adonis, he also has the latest models from top brands available – all at very attractive prices.

Mr Adonis maintains that he wants his business to remain strictly online and wholesale as he intends to provide his products to retailers and is in talks with a local telecommunications company in a bid to provide them with the products.

As I have recently purchased an XTOUCH device, I can say I agree with Mr Adonis’ words. While it may not be up there with the Apple Iphone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Sony Xperia Z, it really stands out as a cheap alternative for those who cannot afford the more illustrious devices. It is fast, easy on the eyes, and where it is lacking in state-of-the-art technologies, it makes up for with the efficiency and resourcefulness you would expect from any top grade smart devices.

Mr Adonis did, however, mention that the public should be on the lookout for the upcoming XTOUCH mobile which will be call the ‘X1’, which will be the thinnest and lightest XTOUCH produced yet and it will have a few innovations of its own to stand up to the more established brands. He has also urged the public to visit his Facebook page call ‘SHOPIT-seychelles’ where he does most of his advertising or simply contact him on 2729999.

In conclusion, the XTOUCH may be seen as the underdog in a race against the record setters, but at the finish line though it will not come out first, it will be the one cheered up most by fines because of its sheer determination to take on the ‘Big Boys’.

With a warranty on all its products, Mr Adonis may have stumbled upon something very special.

S. N.