SNYC staff learn more about value education


The workshop in full swing

Held on July 8 and 9, the workshop was led by National Council for Children (NCC) director Ruby Pardiwalla and Maryline Sinon.
Present for the workshop were SNYC chief executive Vicky Van Der Westhuizen, SNYC director of programme development Patrick Nicette and coordinators.
The main objective of the workshop was to make those who were present be at ease with their own values.

The value education workshop is one of the four programmes launched earlier this year. Value education occurs when we as individuals or groups support whatever action we do with a set of universal positive values. The values are woven into our daily duties in order to give a variety of opportunities for them to be thought about and used in our professional and daily life.

“I hope that with this workshop the coordinators will gain the skills to teach values to our young generation and that our society can prosper with shining youths,” said Mrs Van Der Westhuizen.
On her part, Ms Pardiwalla placed emphasis on coordinators to explore and create a value-based atmosphere.

“We should walk and live the talk, as children and youngsters imitate us adults,” she said.
Having taken part in the workshop, the youth coordinators are expected to know their own values, work with positive attitudes and have a new way of thinking.
This will help them to stop blaming the young generation for their actions as adults have a great role to play in shaping young people’s lives.