Major cash seizure from suspected drug traffickers


The NDEA believes that the seizure of such a substantial amount of cash has resulted in a major blow to a drug distribution network.

The NDEA intercepted the suspected traffickers as they were transporting the money for what is suspected to have been a part payment for a large drug consignment.
The money was wrapped in neatly packaged bundles of 500, 100, and 50 rupee notes.

R166,000 seized by the NDEA  on July 13 during an anti-drug operation carried out at Barbarons

The suspect, who has been arrested, was released from prison just two months ago after serving an eight-year prison sentence for drug trafficking.

During the course of three other operations in different areas of the country including one on Praslin, the NDEA seized more than R153,000 worth of drugs.

The first of these latest seizures occurred on June 24 on Praslin when agents arrested a 33-year-old native of Plaisance. During the course of being detained it was suspected that the suspect had concealed a quantity of heroin internally. The agents’ suspicions proved correct when the suspect passed a bullet like object which was later confirmed to be 6.7 grammes of high grade heroin. The man has been charged and has been detained in custody.

On June 25 as part of an ongoing operation 22 grammes of heroin were seized at Mont Plaisir. A 22-year-old male was arrested and charged. The drugs were concealed in ovaltine jars and hidden in the bedroom of the house.

Suspected heroin seized on June 25 at Mont Plaisir

On July 11 a 33-year-old supervisor was arrested in his home at Port Glaud after NDEA agents discovered two mature cannabis plants growing at the back of his house. The man has been released pending further investigations.

Cannabis plants seized by the NDEA on July 11 at Port Glaud

The NDEA mounted a sting operation after a number of its agents had been approached by members of a drug gang who were attempting to ascertain information on the movements of NDEA officers and patrols, and also to interfere with evidence.

Two men were arrested after agents posing as collaborators were requested by the men to destroy evidence, which was being held by the NDEA.
The men have been charged and released pending further investigations.

The NDEA continues to arrest and seize substantial amounts of drugs and cash from the drug dealers.


For the year ending 31.12.2012 the NDEA seized more than R100 million worth of drugs and arrested more than 900 persons at 22 different locations around the country.

These figures clearly indicate that, contrary to recent reports in some media outlets, the drug situation in Seychelles is far from being out of control.