Aosis head calls on President Michel


President Michel in talks with Ambassador Moses

The Aosis team are in the country for the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and South China Sea (Aims) sub-regional grouping preparatory meeting which forms part of the process for the third international conference on Small islands developing states (Sids) due to be held next year in Samoa.

In an interview with the media, Ambassador Moses said discussions with President Michel centred around what was said yesterday morning at the opening of the meeting.
They also discussed priorities of the Sids, areas where collaboration can be made and where Aosis can be strengthened. 

Areas include the blue economy, renewable energy and issues raised by President Michel in his statement at the opening.
Mrs Moses said it is important that Sids’ issues remain on the international development agenda.

“The international global system does not have a sustainable vision for Sids and so it is important that the Aosis has a place on the global agenda,” she added.