AfDB team discuss budget support with National Assembly


The Assembly and AfDB delegations in a souvenir photograph

The AfDB delegation comprising Anton Garcia and Michel Mallberg as head met a joint committee of chairpersons and the Finance and Public Accounts Committee on Monday at the National Assembly at Ile Du Port.

The meeting was chaired by Speaker Patrick Herminie, who welcomed the initiative as it was the first of its kind.

The AfDB stated that the two main pillars for this Budget Support Operation focussed on small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and to improve public financial management (PFM).

Mr Mallberg reiterated that some of the bank’s aims are to provide support to financial institutions and seek to strengthen internal audit procedures through the establishment of an internal government audit committee.

The discussions further highlighted issues of delays in the submission of the budget to the National Assembly and the grants given by the AfDB to support the government of Seychelles.

The Speaker and the members of the joint committee elaborated on the importance of an independent partnership between the AfDB and the National Assembly.

The National Assembly pointed out that the AfDB should invest more in the legislative arm of government so as to strengthen capacity building and oversight capabilities.

The members further argued that given the support that the AfDB is giving to the budget, then it is only normal that the legislature should be given corresponding support in view that it is a major player in the budget cycle.

The National Assembly was very pleased for the opportunity to contribute towards this programme and looked forward to the start of an effective relationship between the National Assembly and the AfDB.

In conclusion, Speaker Herminie stated that, “this meeting with yet another international funding organisation once again highlights the need for the National Assembly to set up as a priority a Budget Committee”.