Ministry boosts ties with private sector through workplace visits


Minister Alexander interacting with staff at Eden Island

This is in line with her ministry’s aim of promoting a stronger partnership with the private sector, which presently employs approximately 70% of the working population in Seychelles.
Accompanying the minister on the visit were high officials from her ministry.

At Eden Island, the ministerial delegation were greeted by the company’s chief executive officer, Eke Walker.

The delegation was then given a guided tour of the administrative and landscape departments by the human resource manager, Ramona Hoareau.

The majority of staff the minister interacted with during the visit informed her that they were pleased with their working conditions.

During the visit, it was also noted that a number of staff are graduates of the Seychelles Institute of Technology and the Seychelles Agricultural and Horticultural Training Centre, many of whom carried out their work attachment with the company and some are occupying supervisory or middle management positions.

At the end of the visit, the discussions centered mostly on training.
“It is good to see that you are offering training for your staff, particularly in the financial sector where there is a shortage of qualified labour,” said the minister.

The concept of flexible working hours was also discussed and the company has agreed to explore the possibility of introducing it.

The chairman of the Board for Eden Island Development Company (Seychelles) Limited, Craig Heeger, commented: “We encourage our staff to acquire not only experience but also qualifications during their employment with the company.”

Mr Heeger added that he is prepared to work with the ministry for guidance and support on providing further studies for their staff.

The second part of the visit was with the Village Management Association which is also located at Eden Island. Here the delegation was greeted by the human resource manager, Juanita Kroeger, who then conducted them on a guided tour of the premises.

A number of staff encountered raised a few concerns. Minister Alexander highlighted these points during the debriefing sessions and the management staff ensured the minister that they are ready to work with their staff to address these issues.

“Good communication is key to ensuring a good working relationship,” noted the minister.

The estate manager, Gerald Plots, thanked the minister for her visit and added that he is looking forward to working with her ministry in the future.