Tribute to François Havelock - Minister hails François Havelock’s great contribution to Seychelles music


“On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, I would like to join with all the people and artists of Seychelles, to express our heartfelt condolences, to the family and all relatives of François Havelock, who has sadly left us all,” Minister St Ange said.

François was famous for his traditional creole music. His interest in music started at a very tender age. His first gig was at the secondary school where he earned his well-deserved payment of R10 at that time. His passion for music led him to become a fully fledge guitarist specialising in lead and bass guitar. 

François also contributed immensely to the national troupe of Seychelles as a musician. Many Seychellois will remember him playing traditional music at weddings and he was also very popular in the famous SBC TV programme ‘Bamboo Night Club’.

“I have known François for a very long time, and I am fully aware of the significant contribution he’s made in the history of Seychellois music, to popularise our traditional music through his many memorable songs, that will remain with us as fond memories of this great artist," the minister said.

Minister St Ange also recounted the musical tour of Europe he led in 1981 as the then assistant director of tourism where François Havelock alongside Patrick Victor and others entertained many a tourism event with great success.