Monuments board members hold talks with culture minister


Minister St Ange, whose ministry remains the parent ministry for the National Monuments Board, requested the meeting in order to discuss among other matters the way forward for repair works on the ageing Victoria buildings.

Board chairman Marcel Rosalie, who is also the director general in the department of culture, remains a strong supporter for the preservation of the heritage listed buildings and sites.

During the meeting held at the National Cultural Centre, it came to light that the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, the Seychelles Heritage Foundation and the National Monuments Board are working on a new approach to encourage the preservation of what exists in the category of historical buildings, and also to see how some landmark buildings can be reconstructed where possible.

One such building is the old Equateur Hotel, then situated on the water front of Victoria, behind the Allied Agency building on Francis Rachel Street. The building was demolished just a couple of years ago.

The Seychelles Monuments Board is also working with the ministry to relook at the annual budget allocated for the caring and maintenance of monuments seen to be dear to the people and to the country.