Fair trading body attends forum on competition law and policy


The meeting took place from July 8-12 in Geneva, Switzerland.
The FTC delegates comprising Georges Tirant, acting chief executive officer and Chantale Barallon, director of Legal Affairs, took part in the discussions concerning the need for similar agencies to increase capacity building through reviews of the laws and through effective management of resources and prioritisation.

Peer reviews of three countries demonstrated the need for commissions who are mandated to enforce competition law to be independent in their administration and decision making in order to implement a successful competition policy.

Delegates explained how completion and consumer policies provide a systematic way to dealing with the domestic market and ensuring that businesses are competing fairly and consumers are getting the best deal as a result.

Mr Tirant was nominated to act as vice-chairperson during the second half of the session on the revision of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection.
FTC made a presentation during this ad hoc meeting on the effects and constraints that e-commerce is posing for African countries.

FTC Seychelles has also been accepted into the working group for the redrafting of the UN guidelines.

In addition to the meeting, FTC Seychelles also took the opportunity to sign a memorandum of undertaking with the Competition Commission of Mauritius (CCM).

During a side event on July 9, Rajiv Servansingh, vice-chairman of the CCM and Mr Tirant signed documents which will allow CCM and FTC Seychelles to exchange information and expertise in competition cases and exchange experience in the application of a competition policy.

The FTC Seychelles shall be involved in the working party in the amendment of the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection.