Key partners learn more about WTO agreements


The opening session of the workshop yesterday

The aim of the workshop is to present the agreements to the representatives of these organisations and for them to see the benefits Seychelles can derive from them in joining the WTO.

Chairperson of the working party on the accession of Seychelles to the WTO, Hilda Al-Hinai, said to advance and work towards the conclusion of the WTO accession negotiations is a difficult and complex task.

The workshop is part of a series of customised accession technical assistance activities provided by the WTO secretariat to Seychelles.
Mrs Al-Hinai said the workshop has also been held as a concrete follow-up to her stock-taking visit in January this year and the recent June cycle of meetings on the accession of Seychelles.

During the three days, the focus will also be on providing technical inputs to be used for initiating, developing and refining chapters in the draft working party report and reviewing the technical and substantive state of the market access offers in bilateral negotiations.

“WTO accession go hand in hand with domestic economic, legal and institutional reforms, therefore contributes to the modernisation of the country and to ensure its competitiveness,” she said.
“Being part of the global economy and increased co-operation and interaction with the international community through WTO membership is critical for a small island state such as Seychelles.”
Mrs Al-Hinai added that WTO membership promotes regional development.

“When Seychelles becomes a WTO member, it will have a leadership role to play. Seychelles would work together with its neighbours and regional partners within the multilateral trading system,” she added.

In his opening address, Seychelles’ chief negotiator, Charles Morin, said the workshop comes at an opportune time when the country has increased its momentum for its accession to the WTO process.