60th anniversary of Moncada-Secufa sends greetings to Cuban people


Secufa recognises that, historically, this event was the spark that brought about the final triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

On this date, July 26 of 1953, a young Fidel Castro led some 160 men on an assault on the military barracks of Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes in Santiago de Cuba and Bayamo respectively.

 Although a disappointing failure, this action would be remembered and celebrated as the first true act of rebelliousness of the Cuban youth against tyranny.

The Day of Rebelliousness, as it is now called, is one of Cuba’s most memorable and important dates and is celebrated every year as a National Holiday. The festivities this year will be concentrated in the heroic city of Santiago de Cuba.

Secufa will commemorate the Day of Rebelliousness next week, on August 3, in a politico-social evening that will bring together members and friends of the association, members of the Cuban community residing in Seychelles, and members of the Cuban Brigade who are on internationalist assignments in our country.

Secufa wishes all Cubans, wherever they may be, a Happy National Day.