Bodybuilding-Two top competitions confirmed


Mr Sauzier

Caretaker committee chairman Ted Sauzier has told Sports Nation that they have already secured a deal to organise the Mr Regatta competition in September.

“On behalf of the committee, I would like to thank Ray Hoareau, a member of the Regatta organising committee, who approached us to organise this competition. We will be meeting soon to finalise the date of the Mr Regatta tournament,” said chairman Sauzier.

Mr Sauzier also claimed that they are planning to organise one of the top competitions – the Mr Seychelles contest – at the end of October to coincide with the Festival Kreol.
“We will have a final meeting with the culture department so that the Mr Seychelles competition is included in the list of Festival Kreol activities,” added Mr Sauzier.

He added that he has travelled to Praslin with some of his committee members to meet the manager of Praslin Beach hotel and Casino des Iles where they have agreed in principle to host a competition in November.

Mr Sauzier described his committee’s visit to Praslin as “very fruitful”.
“We also plan to meet all the athletes as at the moment we are posting information in the different gyms where they train. But we are preparing to bring them together to brief them on the rules and regulations of competition which we have amended. This will be done by Golbert Nicette and Michael Etienne,” revealed chairman Sauzier.

According to Mr Sauzier, they will inform the bodybuilders on disciplinary rules regarding the sport and for every competition.

“All in all we are progressing well and we hope we continue to get the support from everyone to help put this sport back on its feet,” said chairman Sauzier.

This sport has been allowed to divide athletes for too long, but hopefully a new dawn awaits this power sport where the athletes will put aside their differences to compete under one united association.

Let us hope the National Sports Council will also provide them the necessary help, especially in terms of funding to get them back on track.

R. J-L.