Minister visits two Praslin hotels


The aims of the visits are for her ministry to familiarise itself with the workings of the private sector while at the same time building and maintaining a strong relationship by ensuring that the employment laws of Seychelles are being observed.

First to be visited was the Paradise Sun Hotel where the delegation was greeted by general manager Philippe Bethune, human resources manager Annabelle Hoareau and front office manager Irene Robert. The ministerial delegation was taken on a guided tour of all the departments.

During her visit, Minister Alexander had the opportunity to speak to various members of the staff from all departments who readily shared their work experience, achievements and constraints which concerned mainly their salaries.

During the debriefing, Minister Alexander touched on the points that were raised by staff members during her visit. The management team was encouraged to establish a salary structure that is well defined in order to bridge the gap between the salary of non-Seychellois and Seychellois workers.

She also pointed out the importance of having a training plan, a retention policy with good incentives and performance appraisals conducted at appropriate times in order to identify training needs and for rewarding good performance.

She added that this will boost staff morale and in turn increase job satisfaction, thus creating a more conducive work environment.
The minister ended by commending the hotel for providing opportunities to local staff to occupy supervisory positions.

Mr Bethune thanked the minister and her officials for visiting the hotel and said that he is ready to work closely with the ministry in order to address all the points discussed.

For the second visit, the ministerial delegation went to the Cote D’Or Lodge where they were met by general manager Marco Zinna and his deputy Steven Baronne, who provided them with a tour of the hotel.

Staff members were given the opportunity to interact with the minister and put forward their concerns, which focussed on training opportunities, shortage of staff in certain areas and lack of communication between staff and management.

During the debriefing, the minister stressed that communication among the staff and with the heads of department is essential.
She added that everyone should try to communicate and resolve their problems internally.

The management staff was urged to compile and forward their localisation plan in time for it to be incorporated in the National Human Resource Plan.

The discussions also focussed around training where the minister asked the hotel to submit its training plan so that the NHRDC (National Human Resource Development Council) can assist the staff in getting the same training opportunities that is offered to staff in the tourism sector on Mahé.

She ended by asking the management staff to carry out their respective duties conscientiously and to the best of their abilities.

Mr Zinna on his part thanked the ministerial delegation for coming to visit the depot and said that he is looking forward to having a long and productive relationship with the ministry.
The accompanying photos show Minister Alexander and her delegation during her visits to the two establishments.