Ministry of Education: Remaining connected with our partners- Education ministry engages parents in consultative meetings


The meetings form part of the ministry’s efforts to ensure that key partners, in this case parents, are regularly consulted and provided with the opportunity to express their concerns and also make other contributions.

The meetings are being held at district level and bring together parents of the districts’ secondary schools along with feeder primary schools in the vicinity in order to ensure vital information is brought closer to the parents. This also allows particular issues to be addressed in a more specific manner in some case issues which are unique to certain districts or some schools. 
So far parents from over 15 schools have been consulted between June 25 and July 26 and the ministry has described the responses and recommendations made by parents as encouraging and highly beneficial.

Addressing challenges and celebrating success together

The meetings also allow the ministry to discuss the academic performances of the relevant schools with parents while also recognising and identifying challenges that need to be addressed for the specific communities.

The Ministry of Education seized the opportunity to congratulate parents for the support they are giving to the school management and teachers.
However, in some instances primarily with regards to parents’ involvement in their children’s studies, there is room for improvement.

With busy schedules and living in a ‘globalised world’ and following a fast-pace lifestyle, it is important for parents to allocate adequate time to discuss school matters with their children, and encourage them to take their studies seriously at a very early age.

Parents’ role in the fight against underage drinking

Parents are regarded as one of the key partners of education in the fight against underage drinking and it is in this same line that the series of meetings are also geared towards educating, raising awareness and enlisting the support of parents to join forces with the ministry to address issues related to early alcohol consumption by youths and its impacts.

During the meetings, parents are also being educated on the increasing dangers alcohol has on the lives of young people through a presentation entitled ‘Alcohol in the life of teens’ by Dr Daniella Malulu, consultant in charge of the Anse Royale Wellness Centre.

Ministry maintains yearly rendez-vous with school council chairpersons

The school council chairpersons’ meetings are held three times a year. Council chairpersons kept their second rendez-vous with the ministry for the second meeting organised recently.

Held at the School of Education’s auditorium, Mont Fleuri, these meetings are part of a series of scheduled meetings for 2013 that give school council chairpersons an opportunity to meet the education senior management, share information and discuss pertinent education matters.

Social renaissance in the education sector

A number of factors have been identified for the anti-social behaviour of students and challenges faced by teachers, parents and students. Through the series of consultative meetings, the ministry has started implementing the education sector social renaissance plan.

With the support and partnership of the department of social affairs, parents are also being educated through the various presentations and discussions.
The following are some of the photos taken during the meetings.


Contributed by the Ministry of Education