Mancham and SIF join forces on Aldabra project-• ‘Potential for a formidable partnership’


The projects’ ultimate aim is to give Seychellois and international visitors the opportunity to remotely experience one of the world’s environment of wonders

The decision to form this partnership came about following a meeting between Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, chairman of the SIF, the foundation which has for sometimes now been engaged in promoting an Aldabra House project and Mr Mancham, who announced on July 24 his decision to spearhead the development of an Aldabra Centre for Mahé.

The Aldabra House project was announced by Ambassador Loustau-Lalanne when he spoke at the Aldabra 30th anniversary celebration in December last year. 

He introduced the Aldabra House project as a world class visitor centre and ecological attraction which will bring Aldabra to Mahé, giving Seychellois and our many international visitors the opportunity to remotely experience one of the world’s environment of wonders. 

Mr Mancham’s decision to move along these lines and spearhead what he described as an Aldabra Centre that will give the opportunity of an Aldabra experience to Seychellois and visitors followed a visit to Prague where he enlisted the support of the director and others involved in the production of a 3D film on Aldabra.

“Sir James’ support will give rise to the opportunity of an exciting national and international partnership in the building of an iconic and unique centre,” Ambassador Loustau-Lalanne has stated.
As a matter of fact there has been a wide amount of praise for the idea both locally and internationally.

On July 22, President James A. Michel commended Mr Mancham’s initiative and assured him of his support towards the project materialisation. 

“I must say I was impressed with the concept elaborated and I am of the opinion that such a centre could stand out as a monumental achievement for Seychelles.  It is certainly in line with my policy of creating a greater Seychelles during my presidency,” President Michel wrote.

He also welcomed the fact that Sir James and Ambassador Loustau-Lalanne were exploring the avenues of collaboration for the realisation of a joint project.

Among the praise from abroad for the idea is one from Fred Oladeinde, President of the Foundation of Democracy in Africa, in Washington DC, USA:
“I am very much interested in learning about the Aldabra Centre and how we can support with outreach and public education on the project.  We will be delighted to host an outreach for Aldabra in Washington DC in the future with partner organisations,” he wrote.

In a meeting held on Thursday, the parties have agreed to constitute at this time a working group under the joint chairmanship of Sir James and Ambassador Loustau-Lalanne with the objective of overseeing the implementation of the project.  

“SIF hopes that this initiative will bring together the public and private sector not only locally but also internationally to support the project and to contribute towards the continued protection of Aldabra as a world heritage,” Ambassador Loustau-Lalanne commented.

“We are of course delighted to have Sir James with us and look forward to a successful partnership,” he added.
With Sir James’ extensive international experience and SIF pioneering and scientific research background, the potential is certainly there for a formidable partnership.