Allamanda resort staff donate blood-A single donor can save lives “be a hero”.


Some of the Allamanda staff donating blood

And it was fitting enough that a group of Allamanda Beach Resort & Spa staff decided to be heroes when they donated blood on Thursday.
The event was to coincide with blood donation day in June. Unfortunately they were not ready, so they postponed it to July.

Speaking to Seychelles Nation, Rose-May Lavigne, chairperson of the care committee of Allamanda Beach Resort & Spa said: “We at Allamanda have a culture of care and donating blood forms part of the various activities the resort does to help out in the community.”

Forms were supplied to staff of the resort’s various departments and those who were interested gave their names voluntarily.

Mrs Lavigne added that the resort has organised other projects like talks about climate change, and cleaned the old people’s home at Anse Royale.

She added that the resort has an ongoing project of collecting pet bottles and the money generated from the sale will be reinvested into community projects.