Airtel Seychelles comes up with another 1st!


This follows the introduction of the company’s international in-flight roaming service which is available on specific airlines in conjunction with Aero-Mobile.
This unique service enables postpaid customers who are activated for international roaming to make use of their phones while on the plane.

With this service, Airtel Seychelles customers can easily  stay in touch with their business, partners, family and friends from the comfort of their airplane seats when they are travelling abroad.
They can now make and receive calls, send and receive SMS and access their mails while on international flights.

Airtel Seychelles’ country manager Vikram Sinha said this service will definitely be a big plus for business travellers who are connected to Airtel.
“It will give them the opportunity to productively use the time they spend on the flights,” he said.

When flying in/out of Seychelles, Airtel customers will be able to use their phones only on Emirates flights. However, the in-flight roaming service is also available with the following partner airlines on selected airlines:  Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, TransAero, Lufthansa, SAS, Virgin Atlantic, Malaysian Airlines. The service will also be available in the future with KLM, Air France, Aer Lingus and Thai Airways. Customers wishing to use this service must always check with the cabin crew to confirm if the service is available on their flight.

How it works
• The in-flight roaming service is available during the “cruise” phase of flight only (i.e. after take-off and before landing).
• During the “cruise phase” you will be automatically connected to the available network. (Ensure your device is on automatic network search)
• Once connected, you can begin to make calls, send SMS and carry out data activities.
• This service is available to all postpaid customers that are subscribed to Airtel Seychelles International Roaming Service.
• To activate roaming prior to travelling, visit any Airtel Showrooms.
Notes & Tips
• Ensure your device is completely tuned off during the flight if you do not want to use the in-flight roaming service to avoid running up your bill.
• Always check with the cabin crew to confirm if the service is available on your flight
• Ensure that your phone is switched off during take-off and descent prior to landing.
• For more information on the service check the Airtel website