Seychelles and Switzerland strikes new air service accord


The new arrangement, which was concluded last week, supersedes the air services framework which existed since 1995, providing enhanced flexibilities to attract airlines to tap into the air access potential that exist between Seychelles and Switzerland, be it via direct or indirect services or cooperative arrangements between the airlines.

“This new bilateral arrangement in civil aviation goes some way in enhancing the good relations that is shared between Seychelles and Switzerland, which dates as far back as 1976,” said Gilbert Faure, chief executive of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA).

“The expected improvement in air access will open more opportunities for the people of our two countries, to enhance current cooperation initiatives and seek to develop commercial potentials in the field of tourism as well as trade and investment,” he added.

Joel Morgan, the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, applauded this new development, which he sees as yet another breakthrough in the evolution of Seychelles’ air transport industry.

“Similar to other European countries, for the Swiss people, Seychelles is a dream destination. The people of Switzerland have a keen affinity to the environment, eager to explore the exotic and Seychelles has the potential to serve this market better,” said Minister Morgan.

“To date, we are experiencing 11% growth in Swiss visitor traffic to our shores but the opportunities remain endless. Bordered on all corners by Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein, Switzerland is strategically positioned to serve as yet another European hub to Seychelles,” Minister Morgan added.

The agreement was initialed by Mr Faure, on behalf of the government of Seychelles, and Laurence Fontana Jungo, the chief negotiator of air services agreements of the Federal Office of Civil Aviation, on behalf of the government of Switzerland.

Mr Faure was also accompanied by Alan Renaud, Air Seychelles’ general manager of corporate affairs.
The air service agreement between Seychelles and Switzerland is a reflection of Seychelles’ revitalised air transport policy, as it concludes the first among a series of new air services framework initiated with several countries in Europe.