Kia Cerato – Regatta lottery’s star prize


The lottery is one of the main events of the Regatta to be held on the weekend of September 27-29 at Beau Vallon. The draw will be held on the last day of the popular event.
The star prize has been sponsored by Round Table Seychelles and Excel Motors and it costs approximately R340,000.

There are many other interesting prizes to be won such as air tickets sponsored by Air Seychelles, one year free subscription of extravagance bouquet by Intelvision, and many more.

This year the interesting part of the lottery is that even if at the end of the draw you are not a winner you can still claim your R10.
You might wonder how this can be possible. 

The Grocer’s supermarket has helped Round Table Seychelles print the tickets at a cost of around R38,000. At the back of the tickets there is an explanatory note on how to redeem the ticket – for every R200 spent at the Grocer’s supermarket the customer may redeem the R10 discount with the lottery ticket. This promotion will start after the draw.

The lottery tickets will be on sale at the usual places and members of Round Table Seychelles will be in town every Saturday from 6.30am to 12 noon to sell tickets as well.