Start of third school term - Minister urges students to prioritise their studies


As the new school term began yesterday, Education Minister Jeanne Siméon is encouraging students to prioritise their studies as this term will be a critical one.

The minister visited the two schools on Ile Perseverance yesterday morning and she firstly attended the Perseverance secondary school assembly where she delivered a speech which was directed at the students.

Minister Siméon encouraged the students to prioritise their studies as this school term would be a critical one.

“As done at the end of every year, the students undergo several examinations either national, international or school examinations,” she said.

As the Perseverance secondary school opened only this year, Minister Siméon was happy to note that so far the school looks very clean and neat and the students as well as the management are trying their utmost best to keep the school in the same state as when it was first opened.

She described the Perseverance secondary school “as one of the most beautiful schools in all of Seychelles”.

Cecile Marcel, the school’s head teacher, complemented Minister Siméon’s wishes towards the students, pleading them to take their studies seriously.

“Not everyone will get A stars, but at least, you work towards a final grade which when you look at, you will be very satisfied with,” Ms Marcel said.

During the assembly, Minister Siméon witnessed the donations of books to the school from two donors, Wilson Nancy and Tanya Volschenk from Turnkey Solutions SEY (LTD). The books will be placed in the school’s library which will be made available to all students at any time.

After the assembly, Minister Siméon visited the Perseverance North primary school. As part of her rounds, she toured the crèche where she assessed the renovations which got underway during the August school holidays.

The renovations began after complaints were made by the school management to the education ministry concerning the crèche classes which had started being affected by fungus which became a concern towards the children’s health.

The primary school head teacher Bernadette Maria stated that as a result, students in a certain class from the crèche had to be moved to other classrooms.

“These students will continue to use these same classrooms as from next year an extra class of year one crèche will be using the renovated classroom,” she said.

In addition to the fungus issue, there was also a problem of ventilation where Ms Maria noted that as the windows only open at the top, it does not provide enough ventilation to the children and staff in the classrooms.

Although there are fans in every classroom and even air conditioning facilities in some, Ms Maria stated that during the north-west monsoon, it is really hot since Ile Perseverance is an island on its own, and does not have enough trees to provide shades.

Minister Siméon also paid a visit to the primary school to which everything seemed good and functioning well, although there were previous concerns with the toilets but this has been addressed and taken care of.

The minister was accompanied on her visit by a group of ministry officials.

Principal secretary for early childhood, primary and secondary education, Odile de Commarmond noted that during the course of the August holidays, the ministry ensured that the problems occurring in the Perseverance North primary school were addressed and made ready for the new term.

“There was a fungus issue in the crèche, and to combat this, we had the walls scraped, cleaned and painted with an anti-fungus paint. This problem was due to water leakages. We treated all the classrooms,” Ms de Commarmond said.

She added that there are still more works to be done during the course of the term on the toilets and the roof to prevent the fungus from recurring.

“This is why we came here to evaluate the works done and how good it is for the students,” she said.