National Assembly resumes its sittings today



The National Assembly resumes its sittings for the last Term of 2018 today with eight questions for oral answers, an urgent question, two public Bills for second reading and three motions on the Order Paper.

The Minister for Habitat, Land, Infrastructure and Land Transport, Pamela Charlette, will appear before the House to answer questions from members.

John Hoareau, Wavel Woodcock, Noline Sophola, Egbert Aglae, Terence Mondon and Waven William are members seeking information on districts’ land and housing projects, access to beaches, road maintenance and safety and the point system policy adopted by the ministry.

This will be followed by an urgent question from the leader of government business, Charles de Commarmond, directed to the Minister for Environment, Energy & Climate Change, Wallace Cosgrowe. The question is related to the increase in tariffs for electricity, water and sewage and their impact on consumers.

The House will also debate on the Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2018 and the National Assembly Members’ Emoluments (Amendment) Bill, 2018.

The motion on the Constitution by Churchill Gill remains on the Order Paper along with two new motions, one from Waven William and the other from Wavel Ramkalawan. Hon. William’s motion calls on the government to review planning criteria restraining districts development while Hon. Ramkalawan’s motion is calling on President Danny Faure to resign immediately as President because of concerns regarding the ineffectiveness of the executive’s administration of the country and decline in the Seychelles State structures.