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APSHF to organise workshop for families | 08 August 2019

The family is the basis on which values are born and in this day and age many households do not teach these values anymore. It is the primary duty of the parents to work in order to support the family for their basic needs, manage the household chores and look after the welfare of each family member. Children on the other hand help parents in doing various household chores or any duties they are capable of doing and loving.

For this reason the Association for the Promotion of Solid Humane Families (APSHF) has organised a training session for families and youth.

The conference, to be held on Saturday August 10 at the STC conference room from 8.30am to 2pm, will include group discussions, presentations and testimonies focusing on family and humanity, roles and responsibilities in the family and living values in the family.

The objectives are to discuss the importance of the family in the life of every human being and existence of humanity, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each family member.

It will also explore possible ways that family can work together to make the home, community and society a conducive and safe place for everyone to grow and develop holistically.

The participants are aged from 10 to 28 years and come from various districts on Mahé.

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