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Aspiring lawyers attend two-day workshop | 14 August 2019

Aspiring lawyers attend two-day workshop

For many S4 and S5 high schoolers, their last two years of secondary school is a busy time packed not only with required coursework, but also with sports, clubs, and deciding their future career path.

With that in mind, the judiciary in collaboration with CTF Consultancy and with the assistance of the ministry of education, organised a two-day workshop for aspiring lawyers.

The group of 20 students aged 14 to 16 years old from Beau Vallon, Anse Royale and English River secondary began the two-day workshop yesterday at the ‘Palais De Justice’ auditorium at Ile du Port.

“The judiciary recognises that there are many young people who want to go into law but they lack the necessary information, advice and more exposure to the world of law,” said Craig Francourt, facilitator from CTF consultancy.

The workshop will cover a wide variety of topics which include issues relating to law practices in Seychelles, debates, research and ethics as well as engaging with young lawyers already in the profession, the students will then put all the skills and knowledge that they will obtain in a mock trial.

Francourt added that “The workshop is a pilot programme and depending on its success, the judiciary will organise more workshops in the future”.

He also commended the students for taking the time out of their school holiday to attend the session and he advised them to seize the opportunities during these two days.

The workshop was officially launched by Chief Justice Mathilda Twomey who praised the students for showing an interest in law.

“There is a shortage of young Seychellois lawyers and judiciary officials in Seychelles and it is a hopeful sight to see young students taking an early interest in law because it will not only benefit yourself but also the country,” said CJ Twomey in her address to the students.

She also gave the students a rundown of her career starting from her early courtroom years when she was a court interpreter.

Kelcy Bristol and Fabrice Theresine, two students from Anse Royale secondary school who attended the first day of the session noted:

“I signed up for the workshop as I haven’t decided my option for post-secondary school yet and this serves as a way to get more information about pursuing a career in law,” said Fabrice.

He added that law is not one of his top choices but he’s hoping that the two-day workshop would inspire him.

Unlike her friend, Kelcy said she has had an interest in law since she was a child as it is a job that gives you the opportunity to interact with various people.

“This workshop is a good initiative on the judiciary’s part as it will help us students get an idea on what being a lawyer is all about,” said Kelcy.

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