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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2019 | 16 August 2019

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2019

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2019 in Accra, Ghana (Photo source:

A fusion of classic and contemporary trends


  • Prestigious designers such as Seraph Couture, Clavon Leonard & Niposkin were among a few of the A-list designers



On her return back from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Accra, Ghana, Miss Regatta 2018, Gabriella Gonthier, has spoken about her experience of the current and upcoming fashion trends that were showcased at this most esteemed event.

Since her crowning in 2018, Ms Gonthier, 21, has been well exposed to the fashion industry as a model; this is something which she hopes to continue doing as she is given more opportunities to represent Telly’s Modelling Agency.

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show is an annual event which takes place in different countries across the world.

This year marked the 6th edition of this event which was held from August 3 – 4; it showcased the work of over 60 designers at the Swiss Spirit Aliza Hotel.

“The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is all about setting standards in the fashion industry; it’s a creative and innovative fashion show which allows both models and designers to show what they are about,” says Ms Gonthier.

“Prestigious designers such as Seraph Couture, Clavon Leonard and Niposkin were among a few of the A-list designers who attended to showcase their talent,” she noted. 

Speaking about the different fashion trends highlighted at the show, Ms Gonthier says that although culture evolves, there is a list of common trends that nonetheless remain.

“The African prints, be it from colourful patterns to Cheetah prints – it’s their heritage and it will always remain, but designers will always find a way to keep it modern and this leaves a statement mark”.

She remarks that although fashion has become more innovative, one trend that remains is elegance, recalling that most designers showcased how maxi dresses remain a classy and beautiful addition to our wardrobes.

Also highlighted was the importance of the body and the skin; designers created clothes which allowed the models to embrace their body types, as well as to show the right amount of skin/cleavage.

“The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2019 paved the way for the importance of accessories; not everything was about clothes,” says Ms Gonthier.

“It highlighted the importance of how accessories can change a plain outfit into something extraordinary, be it from crazy wild hair, to long captivating earrings, to out-of-this-world bags. It showed the evolution of accessories, from classic and subtle, to bold statement pieces.”

It will take time, she continues, for Seychellois to really buy into some of these trends and some of which she highly doubts anyone will actually wear, such as puffy dresses with inflatable balloons attached to them.

“Although I could be wrong,” she says. “Fashion is a statement; it requires an influencer or an A-list celebrity to start a trend which could easily allow us to follow it.”

For most of what was showcased, she feels that the local population could very well incorporate these trends, including the colourful print maxi skirts and more subtle dresses.

“I believe it would be mostly young adults and teenagers who would love the clothes that were showcased, but mature and older people can totally pull them off also, as in the end these are what they once wore and which are simply coming back into style.”

“It’s time we open our minds to the different styles of fashion,” says Ms Gonthier, adding that fashion is about making a statement which takes people out of their comfort zones.

“It’s time we stop waiting for A-listers to create trends. It’s time we create the trends that will lead the way for fashion here in Seychelles. It’s time we stop adapting and start influencing and creating fashion here. It’s more than time for us to be innovative, different and unique with our fashion styles.”

She adds that the 2nd edition of the Seychelles Fashion Week, taking place from November 28 to December 1 this year, is an ideal platform to introduce and spread these trends.

“Trust the process and be willing to try new things – this is how the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has changed me. I want to be able to create new opportunities with what I’ve learnt at the show, and fashion is one of those.”

The accompanying photos show Ms Gonthier during the show.


Photo sources: Gabriella Gonthier






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