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10th Indian Ocean Islands Games Medallists rewarded | 17 August 2019

10th Indian Ocean Islands Games     Medallists rewarded

Seychellois medallists at the 10th Indian Ocean Islands Games held in Mauritius last month, received their rewards totalling to around R3.5 million in a ceremony on Wednesday.

The ceremony took place at the International Conference Centre Seychelles (ICCS) and was attended by Vice-President VincentMeriton, Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, ministers, president of the Seychelles Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (Socga) Antonio Gopal, who is also the president of the Conseil International des Jeux (Cij) which runs the Indian Ocean Islands Games (IOIG), as well as athletes although not all those who competed in Mauritius were present despite being invited to attend.

At the last IOIG, Seychelles finished fourth overall after harvesting a grand total of 110 medals, consisting of 28 gold, 32 silver and 50 bronze, totalling to around R3.5 million.

For each gold medal, an athlete won R40,000, a silver R25,000 and a bronze R12,000.

As a boost, the All Weather Builders Company offered an extra R10,000 voucher for each gold medal winner.

Other than congratulating the athletes for their hard work and dedication, Designated Minister Mondon also highlighted that the gathering was to honour the commitment she made on behalf of the government prior to the Games to reward all those who won medals.

She also encouraged all athletes who did not win medals at all, or not the medal they wished for, to keep persevering in their training and to keep improving their performance.

Mrs Mondon also encouraged the athletes to keep their focus on their training and performance as more opportunities will come up for them.

She added that there are a lot of lessons to be learned from the 10th Games and she also encouraged the sports federations and associations to set up solid four-year development plans based on this year’s Games.

Mauritius, who hosted the Games for a third time after having done so twice previously in 1985 and in 2003, finished first with 224 medals – 92 gold, 79 silver and 53 bronze. Madagascar came out second overall with 127 medals – 49 gold, 47 silver and 31 bronze, with Reunion filling third place with 178 medals – 46 gold, 58 silver and 74 bronze.

Maldives collected 15 medals – 4 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze – to rank fifth, followed by Mayotte with 15 medals – 3 gold, 2 silver and 10 bronze, and Comoros with 15 medals – 1 gold, 3 silver and 11 bronze.

In Mauritius, female swimmer Felicity Passon became Seychelles’ most decorated athlete in the 40-year history of the Games with 11 medals – seven gold, three silver and one bronze – won in the Côte d’Or swimming pool.

Passon’s gold medal came in the 100m backstroke in 1:03.45 (new Games record), 50m butterfly in 28.06 seconds, 50m freestyle in 26.21 seconds (new Games record), 50m backstroke in 29.47 seconds (new Games record), 100m butterfly in 1:00.69, 200m medley in 2:22.22 (new Games record), and 200 metres backstroke in 2:17.35 (new Games record).

Another swimmer, Shrone Austin held the previous record of seven gold, one silver and two bronze medals and she achieved the feat at the 7th Games in Madagascar in 2007.


The Seychellois medallists at the 10th IOIG:



□ 24 medals – 6 gold, 5 silver and 13 bronze


Gold medallists

● Ned Azemia – 400m hurdles men

● Norris Brioche – high jump men

● Silly Gaylord – 3,000m steeplechase men

● Natasha Chetty – 2 in high jump and long jump women

● Iven Moïse – 5,000m men


Silver medallists

● Dylan Sicobo – 100m men

● Sharry Dodin – 200m men

● Men’s 4x100m relay team of Sharry Dodin, Denzel Adam, Leeroy Henriette and Dylan Sicobo

● Richard Sophola – shot put handisports men

● Lorna Sophola – 800m handisports women


Bronze medallists

● Sharry Dodin – 100m men

● Iven Moïse – 10,000m men

● Joshua Onezime – high jump men

● Dean William – hammer throw men

● Ned Azemia – 400m men

● Natacha Bibi – long jump women

● Ronny Bristol – shot put men

● Michael Andrew – long jump handisports men

● Michael Jean – 2 in 800m and 100m handisports men

● Jerry Thérésine – 1,500m wheelchair men

● Odile Felix – 100m handisports women

● Debra Dogley – 200m deaf women





□ 3 medals – 1 silver and 2 bronze


Silver medallist

● Alisen Camille – Women’s singles


Bronze medallists

● Alisen Camille and Danielle Jupiter – Women’s doubles

● Kervin Ghislain and Jie Luo – Men’s doubles



□ 2 medals – 2 bronze


Bronze medallists

● Women’s team of Nathalie Agnes-Sauer, Terrille Songoire, Ingrid Frederick and Marie-Antoinette Labiche

● Nathalie Agnes-Sauer and Terrille Songoire – Women’s doubles



□ 6 medals – 4 silver and 2 bronze


Silver medallists

● Shain Boniface – 69kg

● Andrique Allisop – 64kg

● Keddy Agnes – 91+kg

● Jovette Jean – 81kg


Bronze medallists

● Adrian Volcère – 75kg

● Nelson Molle – 91kg





□ 35 medals – 9 gold, 11 silver and 15 bronze


Gold medallists

● Clementina Agricole – 3 in the 59kg category women

● Romentha Larue – 3 in the 87kg category women

● Steven Baccus – 3 in the 102kg category men


Silver medallists

● Chakira Rose – 3 in the 87kg category women

● Joelita Coloma – 1 in the 81kg category women

● Anisha Valmont – 1 in the 81kg category women

● Dereck Come – 1 in the 96kg category men

● Terrence Dixie – 2 in the 109kg men

● Elvis Siméon – 1 in the +109kg category men

● Rick Confiance – 2 in the 73kg category men


Bronze medallists

● Joelita Coloma – 2 in the 81kg category women

● Brenda Lozaique – 3 in the 76kg category women

● Romeo Siméon – 1 in the 81kg category men

● Angelo Servina – 2 in the 81kg category men

● Terrence Dixie – 1 in the 109kg category men

● Cyrous Farabeau – 3 in the 89kg category men

● Rick Confiance – 1 in the 73kg category men

● Dereck Come – 1 in the 96kg category men

● Hansel Bristol – 1 in the 109kg category men



□ 3 medals – 3 bronze


Bronze medallists

● Nanteniana Finesse – 1 in the -91kg category men

● Derick Croisé – 1 in the -81kg category men

● Jean-Michel Vidot – 1 in the -60kg category men



□ 31 medals – 11 gold, 10 silver and 10 bronze


Gold medallists

● Felicity Passon : Seven (7) in total – 100m backstroke (new Games record), 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle (new Games record), 50m backstroke (new Games record), 100mbutterfly, 200m medley (new Games record), and 200m backstroke (new Games record).

● Samuele Rossi: 50m breaststroke

● Mathieu Bachmann: 100m butterfly

● Simon Bachmann: 1 500m freestyle

● Stephanie Mondon: 50m freestyle handisports intellectual


Silver medallists

● Felicity Passon : 100m freestyle

● Women’s 4x100m freestyle team of Felicity Passon, Sofie Frichot, Aaliyah Palestrini and Thérèse Soukup

● Women’s 4x200m freestyle team of Felicity Passon, Aaliyah Palestrini, Khema Elizabeth and Thérèse Soukup

● Simon Bachmann – 2 in 400m medley and 200m medley

● Mathieu Bachmann – 3 in 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly

● Samuele Rossi – 100m breaststroke

● Thérèse Soukup – 800m freestyle


Bronze medallists

● Women’s 4x100m medley relay team of Felicity Passon, Aaliyah Palestrini, Khema Elizabeth and Thérèse Soukup

● Thérèse Soukup – 3 in 400m freestyle, 200m freestyle and 100m freestyle

● Men’s 4x100m freestyle team of Fred Tyler, Samuele Rossi, Mathieu Bachmann and Dean Hoffman

● Men’s 4x200m freestyle team of Dean Hoffman, Mathieu Bachmann, Simon Bachmann and Hayden Ah-Wan

● Simon Bachmann – 400m freestyle

● Janil Lucas – 50m freestyle handisports physique

● Mathieu Bachmann – 200m butterfly

● Men’s 4x100m medley relay team of Fred Tyler, Samuele Rossi, Mathieu Bachmann and Dean Hoffman



□ 4 medals – 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze


Gold medallist

● Alan Julie (Laser Standard men)


Silver medallist

● Rodney Govinden (Laser Standard men)


Bronze medallists

● Paul Morel – (Laser Radial men)

● Dominique Labrosse – (Laser 4.7 men)



□ 2 medals – 1 gold and 1 bronze


Gold medallists

● Women’s team of Manuella Monthy, Petra Richard, Atilla Bonnelame, Catherina Simon, Nayeli Etienne, Belira Jacqueline, Maya Biong, Petrina Victor, Géneviève Nicette, Hillary Nourrice, Angelique Adeline and Vanita Rose


Bronze medallists

● Men’s team of Corey Toussaint, Adrian César, Darren Young, Hendrick Cathène, Jean-Paul Mellie, Jean-Philippe Vidot, Percy Riaze, Rodney Ah-Kong, Sam Dine, Sarel Léon, Shaine Farabeau and Sylvestre César.


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