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Chess: St Louis Open Tournament Competition gathers 24 players in total | 19 August 2019

A grand total of 24 players gathered at the St Louis community centre recently to take part in the district’s open chess tournament which was open for juniors and adults.

In the junior category 18 players battled in a Swiss system competition, playing seven matches each, with the boys and girls playing alongside each other.

The adults’ competition was contested between six players who played each other in a round robin league or five games each.

The St Louis Chess Club and the Seychelles Chess Federation (SCF) wish to thank the district administration and everyone who contributed in any way to make the event a success.

Meanwhile, three members of the SCF – Dericka Figaro, Rishion Bastienne and Emmy Marie – were on Praslin to give a training session on introduction to chess to teachers and students of the Praslin secondary school.


The following are the complete results of the St Louis Open tournament:

Boys’ under 16

1. Harrish Pillay - 6 points

2. Ludovique Nourice - 5 points

3. Mario Choppy - 3.5 points


Girls’ under-16

1. Emmy Marie - 3 points (Emmy was the only girl in the category)


Boys’ under-12

1. Steven Dodin - 6.5points

2. Mohammed Arfan - 5 points

3. Rishion Bastienne - 4 points


Girls’ under-12

1. Roysha Mougal - 5.5 points

2. Elisha Dufrence - 3.5 points

3. Kierra Albert - 3 points


Boys’ under-10

1. Tharun Balaji - 3 points


Girls’ under-10

Korra Albert - 0 point(Youngest chess player)


Best junior players of the tournament

Male: Steven Dodin with 6.5 points

Female: Roysha Mougal with 5.5 points


Adult category


1. Regene Santilan - 4.5 points

2. Rajaganesan Ramachandran - 2.5 points

3. Robin Bonne - 2 points



1. Dericka Figaro - 3 points

2. Jeanne D'Arc Abel - 2 points

3. Rachelle Hoareau - 1 point


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