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Malagasy priest meets with nationals in Seychelles | 19 August 2019

Malagasy priest meets with nationals in Seychelles

Reverend Ammi Irako Andriamahazosoa in a souvenir photograph with some of the Christian Malagasies

Reverend Ammi Irako Andriamahazosoa, President of the Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar (FJKM), met with a number of Christian Malagasies residing in Seychelles during a conference on Saturday.

He also presided over a mass held at the English River gymnasium yesterday and is expected to pay a courtesy visit to Vice-President Vincent Meriton during his one-week stay in Seychelles.

During an interview, Reverend Andriamahazosoa explained that the main purpose of his visit is to meet up with the Christian fellowship of the Reformed Church in Seychelles, an affiliated member of FJKM.

FJKM, a reformed protestant church, is the second largest Christian denomination in Madagascar.

Meanwhile in Seychelles, the Reformed Church has about 200 Malagasy adherents and is overseen by Reverend Maminjaka Lalaina Andrianaivo.

Reverend Andriamahazosoa’s address to those who attended the conference highlighted the importance of unity among Malagasies living in Seychelles, rather than them being divided by various characteristics such as the regions where they are originally from or by tribes and ethnic groups.

Malagasies are presently among the largest group of foreigners in the country, preceded by the Indian community.

“I’m very happy to be in Seychelles now and I’m here to visit my fellow Christians. Although there is no Church of Jesus Christ here, there is a Christian community here and I’m here to visit and strengthen them,” Reverend Andriamahazosoa explained.

“I am here to improve on their fellowship and encourage them to have a smooth relationship as Malagasy people; one people, one country.”

“I hope to have the opportunity to meet with the Vice-President of Seychelles and visit my friends in the Catholic and Anglican churches as well,” the reverend remarked when asked about his agenda for the remainder of his stay.

Reverend Andriamahazosoa arrived in the country on Wednesday and will be leaving this coming Wednesday, August 21.

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