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VP Meriton briefed on business development projects at Providence Industrial Estate | 02 September 2019

VP Meriton briefed on business development projects at Providence Industrial Estate

VP Meriton during his visit at the Providence Industrial Estate on Friday

Vice President Vincent Meriton has visited various sites for future developments and those include where a waste management plant and a road construction project will be carried out at the Providence Industrial Estate.

The aim of last Friday’s visit was for VP Meriton to see for himself and be briefed on developments underway and those that will take place within the Providence Industrial Estate.

VP Meriton was accompanied on the visit by the principal secretary for industry and entrepreneurship development Angelique Antat, the consultant in the Ministry of Habitat, Infrastructure, and Land Transport Patrick Lablache, chief executive of the Industrial Estate Authority (IEA) Lucy Athanasius, chief executive of the Land Waste Management Agency (LWMA) Flavien Joubert and other key officials from the mentioned ministries and entities.

The visit started at the Zone 18 lagoon next to the Leve Debrouye building where part of the lagoon will be reclaimed for land which will later be allocated to 10 to 12 businesses. According to IEA deputy chief executive Barry Assary, the reclamation will be done by the private sector through a tender process which will be announced very soon.  

VP Meriton later said that government is committed to make land and other facilities available to Seychellois business entrepreneurs based on the approved land use plan policy for the area. He noted that the businesses will be encouraged to construct buildings with several floors that will cater for more businesses to take part in the economic development of the country.

Mauritian company Samlo and Sons, based near the Providence landfill was the next business VP Meriton visited. The company engages in the collection and exportation of scrap metal. The scrap metal collected on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue are exported to Mauritius for recycling.

Due to the amount of metal stacked at the site, the company has been advised by LWMA to speed up the removal process so as to have adequate space for other recycling operators to also engage in the business.

Mr Joubert said with the upcoming ‘Clean up the world’ campaign, more space will also be needed to put scrap metal. He noted that a waste crusher is due to arrive in the country in October to help with recycling other metals with plastic components.

In order to continue to keep the country clean, Mr Joubert is urging everybody to use the landfill facilities rather than dump rubbish left, right and centre.

VP Meriton was then guided to where work is ongoing to extend the industrial estate. The area is being reclaimed by the private sector. Part of the reclamation which is nearing completion by private investor United Concrete Products Seychelles (UCPS), will be allocated to government for motor mechanics and marine businesses. UCPS as the investor will be allocated with other parts for its business development. Another part of the reclamation extension carried out by Vijay Construction has already been completed.

The final project to be visited by VP Meriton was a road construction connecting the industrial estate to the highway up to Zone 20 via the PUC-Star area at the landfill. As explained by Antoine Pierre-Louis from Winslow Naya Consulting (WNC), the two-way traffic road of which the first phase has started at the Zone 20, will, once completed, ease congestion in the Providence area.

VP Meriton said that with the expansion of the industrial estate, more space will be put at the disposal of businesses. He added that there is a great need to relieve congestion in the area and the new road which will be completed in three to four months will do just that.

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