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Kreolfleurage Parfums unveils plans to launch new perfume as it celebrates 30th anniversary | 13 September 2019

Kreolfleurage Parfums unveils plans to launch new perfume as it celebrates 30th anniversary

Mrs Ehlert and son Daniel Hugelmann

In an exclusive interview with Seychelles NATION, the owners of the renowned perfumery ‘Kreolfleurage’, Dagmar Ehlert and her son Daniel Hugelmann, revealed, with much excitement, that they will be launching a new fragrance at the end of the year.

While the name of the new perfume is still a secret and the labelling is yet to be completed, the one detail that was revealed was that it would have a light, fresh and floral scent.

Kreolfleurage, based at North East Point, Mahé, was established 30 years ago and to date, remains a perfumery dedicated to producing niche fragrances.

The three perfumes which make up this exclusive collection are produced and inspired by the warm, tropical, aromatic plants and woods of the Seychelles islands, such as Takamaka, Frangipani, Passion Fruit Flower, Lemongrass and Hibiscus.

It is part of the brand philosophy to remain a small, niche and exclusive perfumery with a limited collection of fragrances.

Mrs Ehlert managed the business for 25 years, before her son Mr Hugelmann joined her earlier this year.

The idea, 30 years ago, was to produce fragrances which would be suitable for the local tourist market and which represent the environment of the Seychelles islands.

It was then that Kreolfleurage introduced a luxury item – a very personal set of perfumes – perfumes that most customers would stick to all their lives.

Today, the Kreolfleurage Parfums collection can be purchased at various locations, including the perfumery itself at North East Point, Tanny’s beauty outlet in Victoria, the Seychelles Airport Duty Free, Pineapple Studios at Barbarons and Baie Lazare, the Banyan Tree Resort at Takamaka, as well as Otantik de Zil and Kokosye, both on La Digue.

Speaking about the process involved in the design of perfumes, Mr Hugelmann explains that you first need to have a specific direction to follow and to understand how the scents will change on the skin with time.

It can take up to 1 to 2 years to develop a new perfume. After designing the recipe, the first batch of the perfume can be smelled and adjusted only after several weeks. This process is then repeated iteratively until one has a batch that one is completely satisfied with.

Mrs Ehlert and Mr Hugelmann have now restructured their business into ‘North East Point Enterprises’ to additionally accommodate an assortment of souvenirs, gifts and home décor items, which they sell under the brand name of ‘Monsoon Collection’.

While tourists remain the main client base, the perfumers are now increasing their efforts as part of their marketing campaign to attract more local clients as well.

“The people of Seychelles are open to using perfumes and we feel that they would like a ‘Seychelles’ perfume which has been made here in our own country and is inspired by the plants which grow here,” says Mr Hugelmann.

The milestone of introducing a new perfume to their collection has not come easily, remarks Mrs Ehlert.

“It is not always easy having a business. It takes time and there are many setbacks, but I persevered. I am very happy with the way the perfumery and the Monsoon Collection have worked out. It has been a success to have brought them onto the market.”

For more information, contact KreolfleurageParfums:

-           Postal address: P.O. Box 258, Victoria, Mahé

-           Telephone: 4 24 13 29 / 2 71 78 93

-           Email:

-           Visit:

-           Facebook: ‘Kreolfleurage’ and ‘Monsoon Collection’

-           Instagram: ‘kreolfleurage’and ‘monsoon_collection’


Photo credits: The Creative Studio – Seychelles/Daniel Hugelmann

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