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Minister Telemaque visits CCCL | 16 September 2019

Minister Telemaque visits CCCL

The Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status, Miriam Telemaque, has visited the Civil Construction Company Limited (CCCL) situated at Providence.

She was accompanied by high officials from her ministry.

As is customary, Minister Telemaque interacted with staff from various sections. She was pleased to note that staff members were satisfied with their working conditions with only few raising concerns.

The Seychellois workers she spoke to during her tour have been with the company for many years, and one in particular was Noely Figaro who has been with the company for more than twenty years. She started off as a labourer on May 2, 1990 and continued under the new ownership on November 1, 1998 as an assistant batching plant operator. Demonstrating that women can work well in an environment which is dominated by men, Ms Figaro has been described as a person with a pleasant personality and a team player.

During the debriefing session with the management team, the minister pointed out some areas that needed management’s attention in order for them to attract and retain more locals, a situation that the company is at present grappling with. At the moment its workforce is only 20% locals.

“The reward should be commensurate with the responsibilities and workload, without forgetting experience,” the minister said.

“Especially for CCCL where, due to the nature of the work, it is sometimes undertaken in quite harsh conditions,” she continued.

She spoke about the long service award that could be an incentive for those with many years with the company, alongside other considerations such as flexible working hours.

The minister took the opportunity of the visit to discuss a partnership with the company to offer training for heavy vehicle operators, an area that the country is facing serious shortage. The two parties will continue discussions on how best to approach the subject matter.

On its part the company discussed the difficulties it is experiencing with certain internal processes of the ministry where it sometimes encounters delays that affect their operations.

The minister has promised to look into the matter and bring about changes where necessary.

The management team thanked the minister and her delegation for taking time to visit the workers and welcomed the idea of working closely with the ministry on the points discussed.

CCCL is a well-known privatised company in the Seychelles, serving the construction industry since November 1, 1998. It is one of the major providers of crusher and quarry products in the Seychelles. It currently employs 104 workers.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the visit.


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