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IDC slashes airfares to the outer islands for Seychellois residents | 18 September 2019

IDC slashes airfares to the outer islands for Seychellois residents

Mr Savy speaking to the press yesterday

In its effort to encourage Seychellois to visit and enjoy the outer islands, the Islands Development Company Ltd, following a decision of its board, has reduced airfares to all outer islands regardless of their distance from Mahé, to a flat rate of R3,000 only with immediate effect.

Meeting the press yesterday morning, the chief executive of the Islands Development Company Ltd (IDC) Glenny Savy gave more details on the facilities on the different islands with a guesthouse to accommodate Seychellois residents only.

Before the reduction Seychellois visiting Desroches paid between R3000 on standby and R10,000, R7,500 for Farquhar, R10,000 for Astove and R3,000 for the other outer islands mentioned.

Mr Savy explained that Seychellois can immediately visit islands like Silhouette, Desroches, Farquhar, Remire, Platte, Astove except for Alphonse where he noted a new guesthouse is being built and it will be ready by December and this will be announced to the public in due course.

Mr Savy explained that other islands will be added up to the list when accommodations on them will have been built and ready.

He also gave details of access either by plane or boat, payment process and other important logistic details.

For Silhouette, which is closest to Mahé, the return boat fare is R200 while accommodation is R100 per day and R500 is charged also per day for three meals and the latter also applies for meals on all the outer islands.

For all the other outer islands mentioned return fares is now R3000 accommodation is R250 per day.  

Mr Savy also announced that the IDC will in the coming days submit documents to the Planning Authority for a project to build six additional chalets which will double the capacity of Silhouette guesthouse.

“Emphasis on Silhouette is because many people love it as it is close to Mahé, more flexible and easy to access,” Mr Savy said.

He added that the new facilities on Silhouette which will be more comfortable and will offer more privacy are expected to be completed and ready by June next year or before.

Mr Savy noted that the number of available rooms on these islands do not necessarily mean the same number of seats on flights for transfers to and from these islands. He stressed that the availability of seats will depend on the number not taken by hotels on these islands.

Meanwhile Mr Savy explained that the reduction in return fares has been possible because the IDC is absorbing the cost.

Alongside the reduction in fares for residents Mr Savy also announced that the IDC will also put in place a programme for senior citizens to visit Silhouette and this will be in collaboration with their council.

An environment programme for the young people in collaboration with the Island Conservation Society (ICS) and the ministry of education is also being finalised and is expected to start by the end of the year or early next year.

Members of the public can get more details on the IDC fares and accommodation on its website or at its head office in Victoria.

The details of the accommodation and fares are as follows:


Description of guesthouses

IDC has guest accommodation on Silhouette, Desroches, Farquhar, Remire, Platte, Astove and Alphonse. The guesthouse is available to resident Seychellois as a priority. It is not available to tourists visiting Seychelles.



One four-bedroom house consisting of three single beds per room, sharing one bathroom area with two toilets, two showers and two wash hand basins. Can cater for a maximum of twelve persons.



Two bungalows consisting of two rooms each and one shared bathroom. Each room has two single beds. Each bungalow can cater for up to four persons.



One three-bedroom house consisting of two single beds per room, sharing two bathrooms. Can cater for up to six persons.



​One four-bedroom house consisting of two single beds per room, with attached bathrooms. Can cater for a maximum of eight persons.



One four-bedroom house consisting of two single beds per room, with attached bathrooms. Can cater for a maximum of eight persons.



One one-bedroom house consisting of two single beds with attached bathroom. Can cater for a maximum of two persons.



One one-bedroom bungalow consisting of two single beds for two persons. Facility will be available in December 2019.




Once you have chosen the dates and which island you would like to visit, get in contact with our team who will be pleased to assist you. Please make your reservations as early as possible as some of our guesthouses are heavily booked.


Contact details                                  










(Breakfast, lunch, dinner)


SCR 100

SCR 500

SCR 200 per person

Boat available on a daily basis


SCR 250

SCR 500

SCR 3,000 per person

(flights available on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays subject to available seats from Desroches hotel)


SCR 250

SCR 500

SCR 3,000 per person

(flight available on Wednesdays between October to April)


SCR 250

SCR 500

SCR 3,000 per person



SCR 250

SCR 500

SCR 3,000 per person



SCR 250

SCR 500

SCR 3,000 per person

(flights available on Mondays and Thursdays between October and April


(from December 2019)

SCR 250

SCR 500

SCR 3,000 per person

(details to be confirmed)

*IDC does not operate regular flights to Remire and Platte. However, when flights are unavailable, people wishing to go to the two islands can either charter a boat or an IDC plane.

Where hotel flights are concerned, bookings are subject to change depending on availability of seats.


Guesthouses reserved for Seychellois only


IDC requires a 15% non-refundable deposit on accommodation and food to secure the booking. The deposit can only be refunded if seats on the flight are not available.



You will be advised on payment of the outstanding balance upon flight confirmation. All payment has to be done at IDC head office on Latanier road, either by cash, cheque, visa card or bank transfer.



Flights might be delayed or cancelled due to unforeseeable events (e.g. adverse weather or for technical reasons). As far as possible, you will be advised in advance and alternative arrangements will be made as soon as is practicable.



Check in is one hour prior to departure. Check-in counter closes 45 minutes before departure. It is your responsibility to ensure that you get checked-in on time.


Ensure that you respect all aviation safety measures.


Arrival on the island

Upon reaching the island, you will be greeted by the Island Manager. You will be taken to the guesthouse where you will be accommodated for the duration of your stay. The IDC team will take care of your luggage.


Shop facility

IDC is equipped with a small shop on the island for basic amenities.


Condition on use of guesthouse

The IDC guesthouse is at your disposal for the duration of your stay. Ensure that the guesthouse is kept clean and tidy at all times. Loud music is not allowed under any circumstances.


Meals will be served by the IDC staff. You will be advised of the mealtimes by the guesthouse attendant.


Take precautions while going in the sea. It is always better to swim, dive, snorkel or undertake water activities in groups.


It is forbidden to remove shells or wildlife from the island.


IDC cannot cater for boat trips or fishing trips as we are not licensed to do this.


Departure from the island

The Island Manager will advise you of the time that you need to board the plane. Get your baggage ready to be loaded onto the plane.


Bon voyage!

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