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Football: Launch of the Pro Club Youth Academy | 25 September 2019

Football: Launch of the Pro Club Youth Academy

New Academy to nurture, develop talents to the highest potential


With the decline in Seychelles football, especially at international level, a new academy has been set up focusing on providing football training sessions and development opportunities to children as young as four years old.

Baptised the Pro Club Youth Academy, the project, an initiative of Mario Pragassen, will also initiate projects that will target the most vulnerable children in our society, while its ultimate aim remains to identify talent and provide them with a safe and well-structured environment in which they may nurture and develop to their highest potential.

The official launch of the academy, held recently at the Roche Caïman sports complex, was attended by Minister for Health Jean-Paul Adam, representatives of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) which is one of the academy sponsors, parents and family members of the young players.

In a small address for the occasion, Mr Pragassen, who is the chairperson and coach of the Pro Club Youth Academy, highlighted that at the moment, there is a great need for commitment and discipline from both the children and their parents.

He added that football, as a sport, should not just be taken up as a hobby or pastime, as with the right focus and guidance it can also be pursued at professional level.

Mr Pragassen further noted that the academy’s commitment to provide a high quality of training and development can be seen in the relatively small number of children, all in line with one of the institution’s founding principles which is ‘Quality and not quantity’.

He also stressed on the need for the academy to maintain such a standard so that it may deliver the best training and services to the children and the parents alike.

The highlight of the event was an in-house tournament gathering 17 children from the academy who were selected to take part in a development camp the preceding week.

The development camp was led by Raducio King, one of the coaches with the Manchester United Football Academy.

During the camp, the young players had the chance to learn new skills, such as more confidence with the ball.

King was in Seychelles in his own personal capacity to share his experiences and skills further following an invitation from the Pro Club Youth Academy.

At the end of the event, awards and trophies were presented to the young players who played in three teams.

To join the Pro Club Youth Academy, the monthly fee is R250, while parents need to pay an extra R400 for two sets of uniform.

Kids from four years old up to nine years can join the academy straight away, while those aged nine years and over will have to go through a small assessment.

To register their children, parents can contact Mr Pragassen on 2558554.

The accompanying photos were taken during the launch ceremony of the Pro Club Youth Academy.

The winners

Winners – Coach Mario’s team (trophy and gold medals)

1st runners-up – Coach Ronny’s team (silver medals)

2nd runners-up – Coach Ryan’s team (bronze medals)

Best defensive player – Micah Pragassen

Best goalkeeper – Marcus Monthy

Top scorer – Laurent Confiance

Player of the tournament – Stennio Maringo

Each child was also presented with a certificate of participation for the development camp with special awards as follows:

Best performer – Bruce Lafortune

Best effort – Ashton Omath


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