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Blue Economy

Blue Economy | 01 October 2019

Council, high-level multi-stakeholders forum set up


President Danny Faure has approved the establishment of the Blue Economy Council and of the Blue Economy Multi-Stakeholders High Level Forum.

The functions of the Blue Economy Council are to:

  • provide leadership to strengthen Seychelles Ocean Governance mechanisms
  • enhance coordination among ministries, departments, agencies and other governmental bodies involved in the Blue Economy.

The Blue Economy Council will be chaired by the vice-president, in his capacity as the Minister responsible for the Blue Economy. The other members of the Council are ministers Charles Bastienne, Didier Dogley, Wallace Cosgrow, Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Jeanne Simeon, Pamela Charlette, Ambassador Barry Faure, Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne, Kenneth Racombo and Philippe Michaud.                                 

The functions of the Blue Economy Multi-Stakeholders Forum will be to act as a think tank, recommend policies and strategies to government and ensure implementation of commitments made.

The Forum will be chaired by Ambassador Barry Faure, and will include members from the government, non-government organisations, civil society and the private sector.

The establishment of these two bodies takes effect today, October 1, 2019.




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