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Meeting between President Danny Faure and members of the retailers association | 09 October 2019

Meeting between President Danny Faure and members of the retailers association

The meeting between President Faure and members of the retailers association

Seychelles Breweries products retail prices, cigarette black market sale discussed


Members of the retailers association called on President Danny Faure at State House yesterday morning and discussed a range of topics.

The six members of the association’s executive committee attended the meeting.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, the secretary of the committee, Louisianne Jacques said they discussed a range of topics from retailer prices on Seychelles Breweries products to the black market sale of cigarettes.

“The association condemns the sale of individual cigarettes by unlicensed vendors, this is because it is not only against the law but also unhygienic as many people do not know where these cigarettes have been,” said Ms Jacques.

The sale of single stick cigarettes was also addressed whereby Ms Jacques remarked that the numbers has increased since the ban was imposed which means more people are buying cigarettes from unlicensed vendors instead of retail outlets.

“Here at the association, we are against the sale of alcohol during restricted hours as well as the sale of alcohol and tobacco to underage children, so we urge everyone to report shops that are selling alcohol or cigarettes to minors in order for the association to be successful and we need the support of all Seychellois,” said Ms Jacques.

She also remarked that there are numerous job opportunities in retail for Seychellois, however they need to be more serious because when you work in retail you are in the shops as from 7am to 11pm.

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