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Emilie Chetty’s ‘Desert Rose’ film grabs two awards at the Global Film Festival in Los Angeles | 19 October 2019

Emilie Chetty’s ‘Desert Rose’ film grabs two awards at the Global Film Festival in Los Angeles

Emilie with family members

Young aspiring Seychelloise cinematographer, Emilie Chetty, has won the ‘Best Independent Short Film’ and also received an honourable mention for her short documentary ‘Desert Rose’ as Best Director at the Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles, recently.

In a Facebook posting under Mili Madnesse Entertainment, ‘Desert Rose’ won the awards in the Best Indie Film category.

‘Desert Rose’ is a tale of treasure and love. A passionate treasure hunter, Jay Wolf played by Curtis Walker and his partner Molly played by Shaunyl Benson, have an extraordinary life searching for treasure together, exploring shipwrecks conquering underwater caves. However, their lives take a drastic turn when they are forced to look death in the eye.

The 15-minute colour documentary was filmed in Australia last year under the direction of Emilie and was submitted as a short documentary entry at this year’s Global Film Festival Awards in Los Angeles.

The cast comprises Josh Nixon, Tyson Giteko, Peter Graf, Christian Stevens, Thomas Wyard, Brooke Hanan.

Emilie wrote the story, directed and produced the film in addition to film editing it herself. She was also responsible for designing the costumes and took charge of the wardrobe.

Bradley Smith was assistant director while Briana Mirabelle and Bradley Smith headed the sound department. Rob Stocks worked on the cinematography.

On her Milli Madnesse facebook profile, family, friends and acquaintances have poured in congratulatory messages from around the world to Emilie on achieving such success.

Family, friends and acquaintances have congratulated Emilie on this great achievement through the many comments posted on her Milli Madnesse Entertainment profile.

For more information on the film, please visit WWW.GFFAWARDS.COM

Seychelles NATION extends its warmest congratulations to Emilie and wishes her all the best in her future endeavours.

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