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Alzheimer’s Foundation holds sponsored walk to raise funds | 07 November 2019

Alzheimer’s Foundation holds sponsored walk to raise funds

In its pledge to raise funds for Alzheimer sufferers, the Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation members, as well as other members of the public, took part in a sponsored walk held on November 3.

The walk, which started at the Stad Popiler and finished at Beau Vallon via Glacis, was organised to also raise awareness about dementia.

At the same time, it served as a fundraising activity for the building of a Memory Care Home, which is planned for the near future. It will be a place where dementia and Alzheimer patients can go to receive treatment. Alzheimer's, the most common form of dementia, is a debilitating disease for both the patient and the caregiver and it is on the rise in the Seychelles. At the moment there is no cure for the disease.
"We are grateful to all the supporters who turned up to take the walk with us, and would like to especially thank Airtel and Hunt Deltel who sponsored the t-shirts and lunch respectively.  
Every cent goes a long way and it is really encouraging to see that people from all walks of life and ages are so willing to help. A lot of the support also comes from people who are not directly affected by Alzheimer's. I think a lot of people now realise that it is now a reality of life in the Seychelles and anyone can be affected by it. There is still a long road ahead, but together we can achieve our goal,” said Dame Lise Church, the chairperson of SAF.

She singled out Terry Sandapin and thanked him for graciously offering all the walkers a delicious lunch at Augérine Small Hotel in Beau Vallon and also thanked Mary Lefèvre as well for providing refreshments.

It was a long, hard walk and many ended up with blisters and having had to buy a pair of new slippers along the way, but it was definitely worth it as the money raised will go towards helping the community.
In the past, the SAF has been involved with awareness-raising activities in the guise of workshops for caregivers and the community at large. These workshops were led by overseas experts in the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s. It will continue to do this in the future and is also planning to organise specialised courses for caregivers who have to take care of Alzheimer sufferers.

Other ways in which the SAF is trying to help is though a monthly support-group meeting in its office in Premier Building as well as a helpline Tel : 2817878 which people can call if they need any advice on Alzheimer’s.
If anyone wants to donate towards SAF, or become a member, they can contact the Foundation by writing to or by calling 2817878.


Text and photos contributed by the Seychelles Alzheimer’s Foundation


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