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Police Communique | 08 November 2019

Woman sentenced to six years for manslaughter


The police have reported that Geraldine Jumaye, the 49-year-old woman accused for the death of Jimmy Laurence of Dan Koko St Louis at the beginning of this year, has pleaded guilty for manslaughter offence and received a 6-year prison sentence.

Laurence died on the night of January 22 as a result of a stab wound in the neck following an argument between him and Jumaye who were living together as concubines.

The death incident was reported to the police at around 8:35pm on the above-mentioned date while its judgement was pronounced on November 4.


Student’s mother charged with assaulting teacher


The female suspect in the Anse Aux Pins school physical assault incident of Wednesday was brought to court yesterday afternoon and has been charged with the offence of assaulting a teacher on the premises of an educational institution.

She has been released on different conditions, including monetary related ones and also not to be charged with any other offences until her case is heard.

Investigation in that case meantime continues.


20-year-old male charged with breaking into Amazon Casino


A 20-year-old male from Anse Marie Louise has been formally charged before the Magistrate court with breaking into building and stealing reported to have been committed at the Casino Amazon Betting of Takamaka during the night of October 28, 2019.

The incident was reported on the following day and the accused arrested on October 30. He was brought before the court on October 31 and was remanded until yesterday.

The 20-year-old will be released only if he meets a cash payment as one of two conditions set by the court, otherwise he will stay on remand.

The other condition is not to be charged with any other offence if released.


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