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New music shop opens in town | 09 November 2019

New music shop opens in town

A new music store, NET-1, has opened its doors at OJ Mall, catering to the musical needs of musicians and entertainers – both amateurs and professionals.

The store also sells electronic gadgets for the general public.

To mark the store’s opening, Seychelles NATION had a chat with Ringo Joubert, import and sales coordinator for NET-1.


Q: Why was there a need for another music shop?

Ringo Joubert (R.J) : As a person who is involved in music, I know there is always a need for musicians to get instruments and its parts. We have various models which can also be imported upon the client’s request.


Q: What kind of instruments will you be selling?

R.J: Music instruments such as drums, drums parts, guitar and guitar parts, percussion like Cahjon, Djembe, tanbour moutya, combo, mixer speaker and so much more. We will also sell electronic gadgets like laptops and mobile phones.


Q: How will your music store add value to our community?

R.J: we wanted to create a store where customers can come in and chat directly with the owner, where they feel welcome and know they will be taken care of as a customer.


Q: What are the price range for your items?

R.J: Prices are very affordable, you can purchase a well sized guitar from R650 and an electro acoustic guitar from R990. We also have violins which start at R975 and trumpets for only R2700.

So for anyone thinking about taking an interest in music think no further than Net-1 for all your musical needs.


Compiled by Christophe Zialor

Photo source: Ringo Joubert


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