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6th Affordable Arts Exhibition open until January | 18 November 2019

6th Affordable Arts Exhibition open until January

Guests viewing the exhibition after the official launch (Photos: Jude Morel)

Paintings, sculptures and works of art produced by over 30 local artists are on display and up for sale at the sixth Affordable Arts Exhibition by Arterial Network Seychelles, being held at Eden Art Space, Eden Plaza.

The exhibition was officially opened on Friday evening with a brief ceremony, attended by principal secretary in the department of culture Cecile Kalebi, among other dignitaries.

Before pronouncing the exhibition open, chairman of Arterial Network Seychelles, Martin Kennedy, thanked all the artists who contributed towards the exhibition, which is “gaining momentum with each edition”.

Mr Kennedy proceeded to remind the guests of the objective of Arterial Network Seychelles to support the further development of fine art in Seychelles making note of Seychellois artists who have gained recognition on the international scene recently, namely, George Camille, the first Seychellois artist to qualify the strict entry requirements of the Beijing Biennale.

He further noted that they would like to see more Seychellois artists displaying their art works in future commending the art students, whose works are also exhibited and up for sale in the exhibition for pursuing and working dedicatedly to perfect their talents.

Among the pieces on sale are numerous paintings on canvas of different sizes by artists including Danny Sopha with a four-piece series entitled ‘Peace and Love’, ‘Pineapple’ and ‘Sentimental’, Leon Radegonde with an ‘Untitled’ series comprising 12 pieces among others and sculptures and paintings by Egbert Marday.

Other artists whose works are on sale include Michelle Griffiths with an underwater themed series, James Agricole, Sabrina Payet who presented a cluster of fish paintings, Tristan Adams, Zoe Chong-Seng and Paul Gilbert.

Also up for sale are pieces produced by art students, on display alongside the other pieces until January 10, when the exhibition comes to a close.

Invitees were also treated to a special deal on the ‘Arts in Seychelles’ book on opening night with a whopping discount from R1100, its original selling price, to R600.

As they mingled and toured the gallery, there seemed to be general appreciation for the colourful exhibits, some of which were described as “captivating”, “intriguing” and interesting.

The exhibition, a celebration of local arts and culture, is open to the public on weekdays from 10am to 6pm.


Laura Pillay

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