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Pointe Larue Home for the Elderly celebrates 17th anniversary | 18 November 2019

Pointe Larue Home for the Elderly celebrates 17th anniversary

Management and residents of Pointe Larue Home for the Elderly yesterday celebrated the 17th anniversary of the home with a mass and a special day of activities in the presence of chief executive of the National Council for the Elderly (NCE) Marie-France Pereira.

The activities kicked off early yesterday morning with a service presided over by Father Faustin and the St Jean Bosco male group, who animated the service with hymns and music for all residents and invitees. Together, they prayed to the strength and health of the 14 residents at the facility, as well as the employees for them to lead peaceful lives and to live together in harmony. They also prayed for all other elderly citizens in Seychelles, especially those who are faced with health issues, among other problems.

Following the service, home administrator Gilberte Adela who has been managing the home for 14 years also pronounced a few words, detailing the history of the home, which was established in November 2002 under the Ministry of Social Affairs before being transferred under the department of local government in 2005. In 2009, the Agency for Social Protection (ASP) assumed responsibility for elderly homes.

Ms Adela also made mention of the numerous activities organised at the home for the residents and thanked all sponsors, contributors and partners to the home for their continued support over the years.

“To be in this profession requires patience, understanding and compassion especially since the majority of our residents may lack familial support. But we are here, and you are not alone, we are all here as part of a big family and we will always be here for you,” Ms Adela said, addressing the residents.

CEO Pereira also thanked the management staff at the home for their commitment and dedication towards senior citizens, who have played a pivotal role in the development of our country.

A resident at the home, Juan Payet, also provided a testimony of his experience since living in the home. Mr Payet recounted that he gave his house to his daughter who had a family of her own, and decided that the elderly home would be an appropriate facility at which he can spend his days in comfort peacefully.

“When I first arrived, I felt out of place as most people do in a new environment. But I adjusted quite quickly as I got to know the staff and the other residents. I was an auditor, accountant and from here, I have my little computer in my room, where I can work quietly and get on with my things in my own time,” he noted.

Mr Payet noted that the hobbies of the residents include gardening, artisanal crafts such as sewing and broom-making among others.

He too thanked the staff at the home, which includes 2 home-carers and a board comprising four trustees, for maintaining the home and having the residents’ best interests at heart.

Mr Payet also thanked the government for establishing such facilities for senior citizens, crediting former President Albert Rene for the initiative.

The celebrations continued on through the afternoon with musical entertainment and traditional dancing.

Invitees were then invited to join the residents for lunch before another dancing session with live music.

The accompanying photographs taken by our photographer Jude Morel show some highlights of the activities yesterday.


Laura Pillay


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