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Parents welcome national choreography competition | 21 November 2019

Parents welcome national choreography competition

 Baie Ste Anne primary makes it four wins in a row


Baie Ste Anne primary has made it four wins in a row in theparents welcome national choreography competition after amassing 1,843 points.

Organised by the Sports for All Unit within the National Sports Council, the annual competition took place on Sunday at the Palais des Sports.

Out of the nine categories, Baie Ste Anne primary school won six – girls’ hoops individual (Jhustine Auguste), mix of three hoops (Jhustine Auguste, Stan Boniface and Dennarah Fred), mix of five hoops (Stan Boniface, Jhustine Auguste, Dennarah Fred, Yulia Laporte and Stesha Joubert), boys’ skipping rope individual (Dino Balette), mix of five skipping rope (Ella Dubignon, Tanisha Volcère, Fernanda Lesperance, Dino Ballette and Leandro Dubignon) and choreography.

The other category winners were: Pointe Larue (boys’ hoops individual – Jimvio Larue), Pointe Larue (girls’ skipping rope individual – Clara Libanotis), Pointe Larue (mix of three skipping rope – Clara Libanotis, Jimvio Larue and Rahimah Moumou).

Grand Anse Praslin took second place overall with 1,588 points, followed in third position by Pointe Larue with 1,577 points.

Ten other schools took part in the contest and they were ranked as follows: La Retraite (fourth with 1,256 points), Beal Eau (fifth with 1,176 points), Plaisance (sixth with 1,159 points), Au Cap (seventh with 1,154 points), Bel Ombre (eighth with 1,119 points), Bel Ombre (ninth with 928 points), Anse Etoile (10th with 603 points), Mont Fleuri (11th with 601 points) and Grand Anse Mahe (12th with 470 points).

The top three winners in each category:

Girls’ hoops individual:1 Baie Ste Anne Praslin (209 points), 2Plaisance (204), 3 Pointe Larue (182)

Boys’ hoops individual:1 Pointe Larue (178 points), 2 Baie Ste Anne (173), 3Grand Anse Praslin (155)

Mix of 3 hoops: 1 Baie Ste Anne (210 points), 2 Grand Anse Praslin (179), 3Pointe Larue (182)

Mix of 5 hoops: 1 Baie Ste Anne (215 points), 2Grand Anse Praslin (209), 3 Au Cap (156)

Girls’ skipping rope individual: 1Pointe Larue (203 points), 2Baie Ste Anne (200), 3 Grand Anse Praslin (168)

Boys’ skipping rope individual: 1 Baie Ste Anne Praslin (221 points), 2 La Retraite (178), 3 Pointe Larue (157)

Mix of 3 skipping rope: 1 Pointe Larue(195 points), 2Baie Ste Anne (193), 3 La Retraite (168)

Mix of 5 skipping rope 1Baie Ste Anne (203 points), 2 Grand Anse Praslin (204), 3 Pointe Larue (170)

Choreography: 1Baie Ste Anne Praslin (219 points), 2 Anse Etoile (217), 3 Grand Anse Praslin (207)

The accompanying photos were taken by Jude Morel during Sunday’s event.


Past overall winners

2009: Grand Anse Praslin

2010: Anse Aux Pins

2011: Anse Aux Pins

2012: Grand Anse Praslin

2014: Grand Anse Praslin

2016: Baie Ste Anne

2017: Baie Ste Anne

2018: Baie Ste Anne

2019: Baie Ste Anne


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