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Seypec conducts emergency and evacuation exercise | 22 November 2019

Seypec conducts emergency and evacuation exercise

Several people thought that our national petroleum company had caught fire yesterday morning. Photos of the false flames and emergency evacuation were posted on social media and many questions asked.

However, members of the public had no need to worry as it was only an emergency and evacuation exercise.

According to Seypec, as part of its Emergency Preparedness Policy, it conducted an emergency and evacuation exercise at its headquarters at the New Port in partnership with the Seychelles Fire and Rescue Services Agency (SFRSA) and other key partners such as DRDM and the Police.

“The exercise was role played around an incident where fire set out on the top floor of the headquarters where a staff was alone on duty and got stuck in the fire. The exercise was a success in relation to the responsiveness of our employees who receive in house training on matters of safety and security,” noted the representatives of Seypec.

The exercise was followed by a debriefing session with all stakeholders which will allow Seypec to identify areas that require improvement.

Seypec has reiterated that safety and security of its staff, assets and the people of Seychelles are intrinsic to its core values.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the exercise.


Vidya Gappy

Photo sources: Seypec

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