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ANHRD hosts graduates gathering | 29 November 2019

ANHRD hosts graduates gathering

The graduates in a souvenir photograph with President Faure and other guests (Photo: Jude Morel)

Graduates of the 2018/2019 cohort were officially welcomed yesterday afternoon at the Seafront restaurant in a gathering hosted by the Agency for National Human Resource Development.

The gathering was attended by President Danny Faure, Minister for Education and Human Resource Development, Jeanne Simeon, principal secretary for early childhood, primary and tertiary education, Dr Odile Decomarmond, invited guests and the graduates themselves.

In her welcoming address, principal scholarship administrator at the Agency for National Human Resource development (ANHRD), Merna Confait, noted that the graduates have made the first step in their personal development by opting to further their studies.

“You are now embarking on a new journey to advance yourself professionally. In this aspect, you can put into practice what you have learned during your years of studying and share your knowledge with your fellow colleagues,” said Ms Confait.

She added that the ANHRD has played a significant role in helping them achieve their goal, adding that the agency will continue to provide students with help throughout their path for advancement.

“The agency therefore encourages you to embrace a culture of lifelong learning, which will ensure that you continue to grow and develop new skills, which is imperative in today’s rapidly changing market. However, it is important that you keep us updated of any changes that you make, be it career wise or in your personal life,” added Ms Confait.

“In this vein, in order to improve its services, the agency is in the process of changing the government of Seychelles Scholarship Scheme into a Scholarship Bill, has increased the number of human resource development and scholarship-related activities that it undertakes and continues to work closely with stakeholders to ensure that accurate information is obtained and disseminated,” she noted.

On her part, Education and Human Resource Development Minister Jeanne Simeon added that “it is an auspicious occasion, for it is a day that is dedicated not only to welcoming the graduates but also to thank them for reaffirming their commitment to the Republic of Seychelles to participate fully and actively in enhancing the country’s growth.”

“The government of Seychelles maintains its commitment to providing the nation with the opportunity to pursue their education to the highest possible level. Seychelles firmly believes that when employees are well trained and educated, the tendency towards innovation and creativity increases, which in turn improves the overall effectiveness and organisational performance, as well strengthens the entrepreneurial activity in the country. Human capacity development is the key to nation building,” said Minister Simeon.

This falls in line with the mandate of the ANHRD and the National Human Resource Development Policy and Strategy 2018-2022.

The government continues to invest heavily in the funding of scholarships to both pre-service students and in-service employees. For the period November 2018 to October 2019, the ANHRD has registered a total of 282 graduates who have completed their studies.

Out of these graduates, 89 undertook their studies locally, 150 overseas and 43 pursued their studies through distance learning mode, which is becoming more and more popular. As to the level of qualification of the graduates, 231 graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, 50 with a Master’s degree and one with a Doctorate.

“In terms of studies, many of our graduates pursued their studies in fields such as education, medicine, hospitality management and the blue economy, which are priority areas for the country. By investing in trained professionals in these key areas not only demonstrates the government’s commitment in safeguarding the continuous development of the country but that it also supports development and empowerment of the country’s human resource. The value of this is reflected in the large sums invested each year in tertiary education. The tertiary education budget is expected to increase in 2020 by R6.16 million,” noted the minister.

Vanessa Leon, one of the alumni, noted that throughout her three years of study she has had a pleasant experience with ANHRD.

She added that these three years studying was hard but worth it in the end.

ANHRD chief executive Nadia Lauricourt noted that all Seychellois students who go for further studies, either locally or internationally, always come out with good results.

She added that ANHRD will always strive to give the best services in ensuring the pursuit of knowledge.


Christophe Zialor

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