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Disappointing Christmas fair for ESA | 02 December 2019

Disappointing Christmas fair for ESA

The Enterprise Seychelles Agency (ESA) hosted its first annual Christmas fair in the grounds of the Camion Hall on Saturday.

However the turnout from both the vendors and the public were nothing short of disappointing since only about six vendors had shown up for the occasion, including the IOT factory which was selling its tuna can products at a discount price.

In fact, the IOT stall seemed to be the main focal point which was attracting people to the fair.

The other few vendors present were selling clothing and household items, an assorted array of plants and flowers as well as artisanal woodworks.

The chief executive of ESA, Angelic Appoo, pointed out the gloomy and rainy weather which she attributed as a huge factor for the low turnout.

“This Christmas fair forms part of our last few activities for the year and, in fact, we hope to host another fair on December 22,” Ms Appoo revealed.

The second Christmas fair is expected to be organised on a much larger scale with more stalls and various forms of entertainment such as Christmas carols.

According to Ms Appoo, the second Christmas fair will extend beyond the Camion Hall into the car park area as well as in Freedom Square.

Nonetheless, carpenter and artisan Marcel Bacco stated point blank that he would not be attending the next Christmas fair in another few weeks.

Mr Bacco was selling items such as coffee tables, flower pots and a number of decorative pieces for households.

“It is not profitable; I have to bring all of this stuff down from Bel Ombre to town and then back to Bel Ombre. I have to pay a transport for both ways but yet I am not selling anything. Maybe next year,” he expressed.

Another vendor, Nathalia Bonne, the owner of ‘Bon Marché Plant’, noted that the event could have used a little bit more advertising to get more people and vendors to come.

Meanwhile the persons who came to visit and look at the stall made some complaints in regards to the lack of Christmas ambience and decorations.

Seychelles NATION met up with a lady from Castor Road who was in search of new household items such as cushion covers but who did not see much to her liking.

“There were more activities and stalls in previous years; it used to be packed here. But now there is only a limited number of stalls,” she stated.

A resident of Beau Bel, who had come to purchase some tuna cans, was shocked to learn that the activity was supposed to be a Christmas fair.

“It does not bring the Christmas spirit, no way! Tuna selling has nothing to do with Christmas. More decorations and more Christmas songs would have been ideal and stalls should be selling more Christmas items while vendors should be dressed with their little Santa hats or something,” she stated.

In preparation for the second Christmas fair, she advised ESA to note what had been missing in this first one and incorporate more elements that will bring the Christmas cheer in the next fair.

The accompanying photos taken by our photographer Thomas Meriton show some of the stalls at the fair.


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