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Scout zonal conference officially launched | 17 December 2019

Scout zonal conference officially launched

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The scout association officially launched its zonal conference yesterday afternoon in a short ceremony at the Reef Estate Apartments, Anse Aux Pins.

The ceremony was attended by Designated Minister Macsuzy Mondon, who is the Minister for Home Affairs, Local Government, Youth, Sports, Culture, Risk and Disaster Management; the principal secretary for local government, Marie-Celine Vidot; the principal secretary for tertiary education and human resource development, Dr Linda Barallon; scouts representatives from Mauritius, the Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles as well as leaders.

In his opening address Safidy Randriamitantsoa, the vice-president of the Young Advisor African Scout Committee, said:

“Scouting has continued its mission of bringing together and empowering young people from diverse backgrounds to become agents of positive change in their communities. They volunteer to join a global fraternity committed to upholding human rights values, equality, peace and social justice and thus contribute to development. With their immense energy, enthusiasm, skills and motivation, young people can become a common force for doing well through scouting, creating an impact for themselves, their families and their communities.”

He added that the future of Africa depends mainly on the efforts it makes to promote and develop its human resources, especially its youth.

“In the future, young people will be called upon to assume various responsibilities in each respective country. As a result, their education is a decisive step in their preparation for working life,” said Mr Randriamitantsoa.

Present at the ceremony was also Frederick Kamakama,. the regional director for Africa scouts, who added that he is happy because it has been more than twelve years since the last conference.

He continued by saying that the main purpose of scouts is to educate the youths into become responsible citizens who serve their community.

On his part Holbert Jean, chief scouts for Seychelles, said that they currently have 1000 scout troops and over 200 leaders but he remarked that scout Seychelles has a lack of leaders and pleaded to parents to come forward.

The youth scout representatives were also introduced during the ceremony with Madagascar serving as president, Mauritius vice-president, Madagascar secretary and Seychelles chairman.

The conference will end tomorrow after having discussed key topics such as the

development of the Indian Ocean zone scout strategic plan.


Christophe Zialor


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