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‘Our thoughts this Christmas go out to those who are in need and are facing challenging times’ | 24 December 2019

‘Our thoughts this Christmas go out to those who are in need and are facing challenging times’

Mr St Ange

“Christmas is a time of joy, peace and harmony. It is a time where we share love and we forgive. A time when families and friends strengthen their bonds.

“It is a time of sharing and giving. While some are cheering, some are weeping, others are struggling. Our thoughts this Christmas go out to those who are in need and are facing challenging times. As Christmas is a time when unity reigns, we pray that in our reflections for a better tomorrow, we think of the less fortunate ones.

“May our reflections and actions help to give them hope of a brighter future, where they can also receive added joy and comfort during Christmas time. May we be guided towards creating new beginnings for not only ourselves but for our country, and especially the people who are struggling and striving for a better life.

“During this time when families and friends unite and build stronger relations, let us support one another and remind each other that we need stronger families to build stronger communities and to become one Seychelles, one people.

“Let the spirit of Christmas bring joy and smiles to young and old. Let us make time for our elderly ones for they too wish for a better Seychelles, for added comfort and peace. 

“The future that we wish to build is not only for the young generation, but we must also think of them too. They also deserve to enjoy happiness and more prosperity in their old days. They deserve to find employment in their Seychelles so that they can build their own families on a strong footing.

“May we join hands and work together to bring cheers and joy to those who cannot have a merry Christmas day. May we think of them and set a new way forward that will enable them to also enjoy a Christmas day filled with laughter and joy.

“To those who are working on Christmas day, you are in our thoughts. We appreciate your devotion and hard work. May Christmas be filled with happy smiles and pleasant moments.

“To those away from their families for various reasons, to those not in the best of health, or going through financial hardships, our thoughts are with you. May blessings be showered upon you.

“To our little ones, you are the country's treasures. May you learn to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Let it be seen as not only a time exchanging gifts and feasting. Let us be reminded of our spirituality and faith. 

“No matter our religious denomination and beliefs, let us take Christmas as a day to show love, to bring peace and to remember that we can make a difference in the lives of others.

“On behalf of the One Seychelles Party, I wish all citizens and visitors to our islands, a Merry Christmas.”


Alain St Ange

President of One Seychelles

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