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Miss Seychelles Plus 2019 and princesses recap an ‘eventful and inspiring’ year | 27 December 2019

Miss Seychelles Plus 2019 and princesses recap an ‘eventful and inspiring’ year

Promoting healthier lifestyles through exercising

Miss Seychelles Plus 2019, Christy Bradburn, First Princess Sharon Orphee and Second Princess Angela Esparon have had a blissful year 2019. Several of their personal projects and events were held to eventually touch all aspects of their community and the society in general.


Empowering women

One of their main focuses this year was the empowerment of women.

Miss Seychelles Plus 2019 started her very first community assignment on social media for plus size women in Seychelles, which count today more than 1,500 members, where they motivate, support and share daily struggles and achievements with the plus size ladies.

Miss Bradburn states that “It has always been my dream for the past years to represent and to be a voice for plus size ladies and all women in general. I always imagined a community where we can all be accepted as we are, without any stigmatisation and discrimination as it is the case in some communities in the world. I thought of a community without differences, because precisely some of us have been pushed in a corner because of our weight”.

As the queen, she involves her members to participate in mostly all the activities that she initiates for the benefit of all women.


First healing group for women

Three (3) months ago, she launched the first healing group for women which successfully brought a group of women together to talk about different social issues that are affecting our society. She believes that, putting women together with mutual issues, can help, heal, teach and have a positive impact. The meetings were held every Thursday at the Roche Caiman district administration office whereby the ladies listened, discussed and advised each other. A topic was covered in each session. The invitation is extended to all women around Seychelles who feel they have something to share with others regarding the social aspects that are affecting them. The healing group created bonds between the ladies, which developed into friendship, caring and love for one another.

The healing group, which continues next year, is eager to welcome everyone in the family where no one is judged.


Towards healthier lifestyles

Miss Seychelles Plus 2019 believes that being fit and exercising has nothing to do with the size of a women.

“We can still be healthy even if we're not average size. Every woman can achieve her goals,” Miss Bradburn says.

On August 31, 2019, a Fun Walk featuring some plus size ladies and the public in general was organised. The main objective was to find a way to lead a healthier lifestyle while having fun. The moment was seized to collect voluntary funds from members of the public to help single mothers in need. From Victoria, passing by Mont Fleuri, Plaisance, the walk ended at the Roche Caiman playing field where they finished off with stretching exercises.

Miss Bradburn says that it was their first attempt to organise such an activity to encourage plus size women to exercise more, and to be more mobile whenever they can; the objective is for them to be healthier. She says she will organise a second walk in another region of Mahé. It is pertinent to make society understand that plus size women do not promote unhealthy living, on the contrary they encourage all their followers and members to practice healthier lifestyles.

All are invited to join them in their next Fun Walk in 2020.


Visit to Hope Home, Anse Etoile

Their projects continued with a visit to the Hope Home at Anse Etoile, a shelter implemented by Dean Padayachy to help single mothers with their children have a place to call home. They spent the afternoon with the families by discussing the mutual needs of the mothers and the children residing at the home. Miss Seychelles Plus 2019 believes that our children are the hope for the future.


Miss Deaf pageants

Furthermore, she was invited by Mrs Anita Gardner (chairperson of the Association for People with Hearing Impairment) to discuss the calendar for 2019 which contained the events of Miss Deaf Africa and Miss Deaf Indian Ocean which was held on December 1, 2019. Our Miss Seychelles Plus 2019 proudly accepted the invitation to be a judge in both events, whereby together with other judges they crowned Miss Mauritius Miss Deaf Indian Ocean 2019 and Miss Malawi as Miss Deaf Africa 2019. She collaborated with both Mrs Gardner and Miss Deaf Africa to work on some social projects. In line with this, an educational talk at Ile Perseverance secondary school was held to encourage the young teenage girls to believe in themselves despite the social defeats that might influence their performance. The reigning queens were graciously welcomed to the school by the head teacher Marie-Mai Ntep and First Princess Sharon Orphée also gave a glimpse of her personal project based in her school. The students were fascinated by the sign language communication performed by Miss Deaf Africa.

“I feel that pageantry should have this kind of diversity, as equally a deaf woman can be as beautiful as a woman who can hear,” she says.


Other events

They also participated in other national events such as a talent show featuring young students from the Drama Club of Plaisance school, Brave the Shave that was initiated by the Cancer Concern Association, motivational talk with the contestants of Miss Regatta and finally the Ocean Project Clean-Up at Beau Vallon Beach.


Final words

“2019 has been an inspiring year for the princesses and for me as well. With the help of God who kept us safe and saw us throughout the whole year, we have worked as a team and that gave us a blissful year. No one can be a queen alone; I am a queen for the people and with the people. Thanks to everyone who supported us. We are looking forward in the coming year 2020 for more positive impacts as we have a noble responsibility towards our titles and towards our beloved Seychelles and all the Seychellois. God bless you all.”







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