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How to achieve your New Year’s Resolution in 2020 | 04 January 2020

How to achieve your New Year’s Resolution in 2020

It’s a new year and a new decade, and for many it’s a new beginning, a chance to make changes to our lives. Whether that involves losing weight or improving one’s finance, making New Year’s resolutions is as commonplace as a fireworks display and dancing to ‘Ozordi Lannen’ on New Year’s day.

Committing ourselves to our resolutions however, is a lot harder than coming up with one or two, so if you need some motivational tips, keep reading to find out what Seychelles NATION learnt from four successful local entrepreneurs in the country.


Achievable goals: The key to being successful with your resolutions is firstly to come up with something that is sensible, achievable and measureable.

For instance, if you decide to lose weight and adhere to a healthier lifestyle, it’s best to set a target, such as I will lose 10 kilos by end of June and set smaller targets for each month, starting with something easy for January.

This way you will find that each time you hit one of your smaller targets, you get a boost of energy to spur you on and motivate you towards achieving your overall target. Think of it as a long-term lifestyle change rather than short-term fix.

Make it a habit: If it’s important to you, make that change part of who you are as a person. For instance, don’t just wake up at 5.30am to run for 30 minutes every day to get fitter if you have to force yourself to do so.

If your resolution is to get fit, find what works for you, make it a habit that will fit seamlessly into your schedule. Forming new habits to help achieve your resolution is just as important as stopping old bad ones. Look out for existing bad habits that could potentially clash with new ones you are carving out for yourself and reward yourself each time you stop.

Do it with a friend: As social animals we spend a lot of our time interacting with other people such as work colleagues, family and friends. Find someone close to you with a similar New Year resolution and work together to achieve your goals. This way you can help support and motivate each other as it will get harder after a few weeks or months. This can also cultivate a sense of competitiveness in ourselves which will help drive our ambition for success.

Similarly, you can join a group of like-minded people such as a gym/fitness classes for weight lost and staying fit, or a support group for those wanting to quit smoking/recreational drugs, or evening classes for those wanting to learn a new language.

Tell others about your resolution: Sharing your resolution with as many people as possible will instil a sense of responsibility and accountability in us to help ensure we work towards achieving it. This works because we do not want to look like a failure in the eyes of our peers. At some point, a friend or colleague will enquire about the progress we are making on our resolution, and chances are you want to say something positive.


Compiled by F.P.

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